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    Being a Publicist SUCKS! Well Sometimes It Does

    I use to think being a Publicist or Public Relations Person was the most exciting job in the world but now I am second guessing this career choice not because I do not like it anymore but because the people that hire me do not understand what a Publicist or Public Relations aka PR Person is or what their job is in regards to their career, products or services.

    I have learned over the years that some Recording Artists think a Publicist is someone that will help them make millions of dollars selling their singles and albums on iTunes, Amazon or Google Play but helping you make sales is not the Publicist job.

    Let’s look at Wikipedia’s definition of a Publicist. A Publicist is a person whose job it is to generate and manage publicity for a public figure, especially a celebrity, a business, or for a work such as a book, film or album. One of the publicist's main functions is to generate press coverage on behalf of clients and to serve as the bridge between clients, their public and media outlets. A publicist writes press releases, manages campaigns and performs other public relations functions. It usually takes many years to develop the media contacts, experience and relationships necessary to be an effective publicist.

    Publicity? What is Publicity? According to Wikipedia, Publicity is the act of attracting the media attention and gaining visibility with the public, it necessarily needs the compliment of the media it cannot be done internally because it requires the attention of the publicist and it is the publicist that carries out publicity while PR is the strategic management function that helps an organization communicate, establish and maintain relation with the important audiences,

    Now let’s look at Wikipedia’s definition of Public Relations. Public Relations (PR) is the practice of managing the spread of information between an individual or an organization and the public. Public relations may include an organization or individual gaining exposure to their audiences using topics of public interest and news items that do not require direct payment. The aim of public relations by a company often is to persuade the public, investors, partners, employees, and other stakeholders to maintain a certain point of view about it, its leadership, products, or of political decisions. Common activities include speaking at conferences, winning industry awards, working with the press, and employee communication.

    Did you notice that none of those definitions stated that a Publicist can guarantee sales? One of the major annoyances for me is clients thinking that a Publicist is supposed to guarantee sales or paying projects.

    I am a Publicist, Recording Artist Manager, Music Publisher, Article Writer but I have met too many people that do not believe in investing in their career or business unless they can be guarantee progress. In order to progress certain things has to be in place first you have to have a marketable talent, product or service, my marketable I mean you have to have something to offer that is worth paying for.

    Marketing to the right audience is always the key. I have worked with some Artists that have lots of fans but their fans do not have virtual money aka debit or credit cards. If you are an Artist make sure you are marketing and promoting to people that either listen to your genre (type of music) or buys music as gifts for people that enjoy listening to your music. How do you find out if people like your type of music? By Market Research Surveys and Polls, yes I know that seems like a lot of work but it is better than spending thousands of advertising dollars just to find out that nobody even clicked to listen to your music.

    So when I hire you as my Publicist, what do I get? Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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