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    Human hair for the most natural look in a wig



    A wig made from human hair has several advantages over wigs made from artificial materials.

    First, it’s natural looking. Real hair has a sheen and texture to it that synthetics just can’t match. Real hair also can be frizzy and windblown, which may sound like bad things, but this makes it look natural No one’s hair s absolutely perfect all the time. Stray hairs happen.

    Natural hair also has shades, highlights and color dimensions which artificials cannot match. The synthetics are very good at maintaining a consistent color for the entire length of the wig. Real hair tends to fade slightly and some color variations and shifts especially in the ends.

    Only human hair feels like real hair. Synthetic hair has an artificial feel. This can be as important to the wearer as to the people the wig-wearer comes in contact with it. If the hair will be touched by other people, especially, a human hair wig is the best route.

    Real hair can be styled. It can be crimped, blow-dried, curled, and flattened without worrying about damage. Synthetic hair can be handled the same way, but extreme care must be used or it will be damaged. Hair care tools are temperature-set to handle real hair, not artificial hair. A stylist can also color real human hair lace front wigs.

    Human hair has a higher heat tolerance than synthetic hair. As mentioned above, styling tools are temperature set for real hair. These same temperatures can damage artificial wigs and ruin them.

    Several Los Angeles salons specialize in selling and styling human hair wigs. Let an expert hair care professional advise you about how to care for a human hair wig.

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