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    Custom jewelry levels above mass production items



    Custom jewelry takes fashion accessories to the top. Anyone can go to a jewelry county and buy a solitaire diamond ring or earrings. They may look pretty, but they are also pretty much the same as hundreds of other pieces of jewelry created by the same company.

    Custom jewelry provides much more than just a good look. To start with, pieces from the same artist are different. Custom made items are created by hand with eye to toward detail and making sure each stone and all the metal compliment each other.

    Minor details in the cut of a stone and the color of the gems are specifically incorporated into the look. Gems are selected based on what the artist believes the stones will do for a particular piece. Sometimes a number of precious and semi precious stones are considered and set aside because they just will not work for what the creator has a in mind.

    Metal is fashioned to highlight the very best of any settings in the piece. Silver, gold, platinum, copper, pewter and other metals can even be blended for a look that cannot be found in any other work.

    The very top level of custom jewelry is creation designed with a specific person in mind. An artisan jeweler discusses whet the customer has in mind and the look the person wants to have. He or she then applies his vision to the idea and comes with a unique creation.

    Custom jewelry is produced under the eye of a master jeweler. While he or she may have apprentice and journeyman jewelers working under him/her, he/she will approve each piece before it is offered for sale.

    The process from apprentice to master jeweler takes a while. In order to become a master, the artist must create a masterpiece which is so judged by other masters in the field. Because of the work behind it, a piece of custom jewelry from a master jeweler has as much value in the creative process as it does in the metals and stones which go into the piece. Sometimes, the artisanal value is worth more than the stones and the metal.

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