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    Los Angeles, California

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    A taste of France comes to LA



    If there’s one country in the world noted for food, it has to be France. The European nation continues to produce some of the world’s greatest chefs.

    Fortunately, some of these chefs decide to migrate and settle in California. They open French restaurants in Los Angeles. Food from the world’s most famous kitchens can now be found in one of the most exciting cities in the world.

    French cuisine covers a wide variety of styles and regions. What is popular in the south of France may not be as popular in the northern sections. As chefs are classically trained in various regions of France, they learn about the cooking styles there. Chefs also have individual styles. They may cook a dish with the same name and most of the same ingredients, but it will have a different taste and flavor from chef to chef.

    To get the best representation of French food from a French restaurant in Los Angeles, it’s best to visit several different restaurants over time. Because produce is also seasonal, you’ve need to visit a restaurant a few times a year to get the full experience. The best chefs use the freshest produce which means the menu will change with the seasons.

    France is also know for some of the world’s best wines. Champagne can only come from France. Any other carbonated wine is a sparkling wine. Sommeliers consult with the chefs to decide what wines will go best with that  evening’s meals.

    When visiting these restaurants, let the wait staff advices you what’s best for that meal. Like the sommelier, they will have a pre-opening meeting with the kitchen staff to find out what the day’s special will be. Tell the waiter what you like and don’t like and let him make a suggestion based on that.

    French restaurant Los Angeles: bon appétit!

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