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    Got Ruth?


    Lift me up! It is time to credit a software engineer of Metropolis grid. After my iReport at CNN It´s all experimental we made it. We made it all. Our clothes did not vanish and the attachments did not detach! A nice welcome picture was made and the artist was present: JadeYu Fhang.

    Zak Spot is ‘the man of the day’! It happened on January 21, 2014 at RIFT HORIZON as the installation ‘Roots and war’ could be presented without any glitches. A bunch of technology concepts worked together nicely. A Grid Server, stand alone simulators, hypergrid connection, dynamic OAR loads. What a pity that the visitors noticed only that they kept their clothes on.

    It was not an official grand opening at RIFT HORIZION as JadeYu was suffering from the flue and had fever, so the performance of 'the walking skull' was postphoned. I was expecting the worse - anticipating that some server issues will step in - so I made an EYE-avatar as a gift. Anybody wearing the EYE could hide ‘inside’ getting the body invisible and watch the show in disguise as an EYE.

    I like the EYE as a visual concept of art recognition. No distraction. Just the artwork presented stays in focus. I know it is an anachronism.


    How shall JadeYu Fhang now ever become famous? The chance to have the spectators all naked on screenshots passed. No way to use the text I had prepared referring to Hundertwassser who become first noticed on his ‘nude talks’. Then the press took notice of his work. No way to jump to event recognition by pointing to Spencer Tunick. I need to rewrite the headline I already had in mind:

    Roots and war seen by ruthed Avatars!

    Roots and war got a chance to pass the ’30 seconds to art’ barrier, but missed it. I like to use this wording I copied from the band ‘30 Seconds to Mars’ and they copied it from a thesis paper by Harvard Prof. James Gleick where he talks about the expediential growth of technology that relates to humans and saying that we are quite literally thirty seconds to mars. More time will not be given to gain attention on anything that is not already on a press headline. You read ‘ruthed’ – that’s correct. Avatars are never naked, they are ruthed when 3D-rendering sucks.

    Got Ruth? you might hear. Ruth is the name of the very first 3D-shape that was the default setup in the year 2003. Ruth is female oriented and short in size. Modeling from Ruth to a regular body using slides has not much changed over the years. Some oldies get happy to see themselves again ruthed rembering on the ‘good old times’.


    Nowadays 3D-viewers avoid to ruth you when there is a problem and generate a cloud instead. So why shall a software engineer give attention on it? The server is running. The simulator has low lag. The rest is ‘user problem’.


    ‘My working hours are done. Let them be ruthed – or hide them in your EYE’ I was expecting to hear as time was passing: 18.00, 19.00, 20.00. 21.00. At 21.45 Zak Spot said: Avatars no longer naked on sim crossing.

    No longer ruthed ^ ^ Zak Spot. Give him a Like!

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