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    Posted January 25, 2014 by
    HAYWARD, Wisconsin

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    Man selling Hayward, WI home for Dogecoin Cryptocurrency.


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     scienceisfun shared this story with CNN iReport after reading on Reddit that this Wisconsin home was being sold for Dogecoins, a type of cryptocurrency. Matt Thompson, the homeowner, decided to accept Dogecoins as a payment form in hopes of finding other potential buyers online.
    - Jareen, CNN iReport producer

    Hayward Wi, With the continued rise of the digital cryptocurrency known as Dogecoin, A Wisconsin man has decided to offer up his woodland home on a lake for 100 million "DogeCoin". The digital currency based off the Bitcoin and who's popularity exploded on the social media site Reddit (reddit.com) has caused the 2 month old currency to multiply in value over 250% in a single month.

    This had lead him him to offer up the spacious woodland home 3bed/2br home in exchange for the cryptocurrency .
    His original offering for the home had been 500 mil doge, but since the value has increased so dramatically in the past week he has lowered it to 100 million

    His reasons for selling are fairly straight forward : "This is a vacation home. Its solidly worth into the $200's. The only problem with the area is that there is 2300 homes available for sale in the county and just shy of 300 sold last year.
    Personally, I got money fast at a young age working hard, I've discovered that I don't like going to the same place, and would instead enjoy much more renting a place for a month at a time for time off around the world.This is a vacation property,, I realized that I wish to instead take vacations for 2-4 weeks at a time renting a home around the globe for what this costs in maintenance / taxes / upkeep, etc.

    You can find the home here


    Originally started as a "joke" currency with values based on Bitcoin , the mem driven currency Dogecoin suddenly became a real contender in the digital currency markets by outstripping all other crypto-currencies in trade volume in a single month. While the currency value itself (as of article only $2.10. per 1000 Doge) is relatively small, the sheer volume of trades have attracted the China company Wolong to being massive investment along with South Korea and Europe.

    Has he made the right choice? Given the success of Bitcoin (BTC) for early investors, the initial investment of $1 would have netted you 1300 bitcoins. They are now worth in the market 6.5million usd.

    If the house does sell for Dogecoin or "doges" it will be the first to have done so. The Reddit Dogecoin exchange however is filled with people selling not only a house but cars, bikes, computers, phones and other real world items for the newly minted crypto-currency. Along with services from repairing your computer to walking your dog (or is that Doge?)

    Will we see an new batch of Crypto currency millionaires? hard to say. But the giving nature and meme of a cute Inu Shibe dog seem to have driven the currency to early hights. You can learn more about the currency here from the meme and the reddit sites that have supported it

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