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    The Serbian Princess Sylvia Peric: "In a League of Her Own!!"


    Sylvia Peric,( Born 17 Oct 1983) known by her stage name "X-PynSyv"™ is a Serbian-(Australian- Born) Rapper, Singer, songwriter, semi producer, DJ, model, choreographer she is an natural born performer of the East Side of Sydney, she got her name X-Pyn$yv having (Expensive) taste & Being the PERFECT 10.


    Dancing since the age of 6 to being a dance instructor at a dance school in Sydney, it wasn’t no doubt music wasn’t going to this woman’s passion and love. She later traveled to Brisbane and in 2006 to Crown nightclub in Melbourne, and was regularly complimented for unique dancing styles that she later got into Krump classes with an American Choreographer Darrio & did performances with other Australian Artists. By the age of 15, she was writing her own lyrics and started DJing by the age of 19 in Sydney at DJ Bootcamp with an American Dj, D1. To perfect her craft, she enrolled in a DJ Club Class with DJ Nick Toth. Since then, she has created tons of networks, made a name for herself with Australia’s music and club scene and now she is bringing her brand to the United States.


    I have chatted with this woman via social media after I learned that she was working with my brother, and we immediately became cool. The one thing that comes to mind when I think of Sylvia is “Hustla”! She currently works as a security officer and on the side, she operates her many business. Remember the name, she is coming to an state near you…..


    How is the world Down Under? How is the weather, you know we are freezing up here in Philadelphia?


    Its great down here always something to do, the weather changes day to day from hot to humid to rain. Yes, I know its freezing in some parts of USA. You all are welcome to come get out of the freezing temperatures


    Now I see you are connected to a lot of industries, movie, music, magazine, record labels, etc., what made you toss your hat in so many arenas and which one do you like the best?


    I have laid low for a while kept away from the public eye, and most recently wanted to come back out in the industry. I was helping a few people run their businesses, but realize I wanted to have my own so started “Conquir The Globe Productions - Next Genesis Records & Entertainment”. We have branched out on a lot of different avenues, by companies in the USA. We are a company that is willing to help out artists all around the globe. I have people networking with me daily and we are able to assist in multi-services that are required by talented artists. But the area I like the best would be – Entertainment and film – that’s where money is!!!

    You are noted as the Australian Representative/PA for Black Eye Entertainment and BlackEye Riders Stunt Unit created by Antonio Simmons & Wink 110, tell me about this connection and how has working with this powerful team been?


    First of all, I am very proud to be an Australian Representative/Pa for BlackEye Entertainment, Blackeye Riders Stunt Unit & Fashion. It’s an honour to work alongside Director/Producer Antonio Simmons & Wink 1100. I have known BIG TONE for almost three years going on four and we have built a respected and trusted connection. We are working on a few projects as we speak – won’t say too much at this point in time unless its 100% official. People will need to wait and be patient on what’s about to happen for 2014 our GLOBAL TAKEOVER and Conquir The Globe Productions will be supporting & assisting this happening. I do want to mention that BlackEye is currently working a film called “DOGGMEN”, which is starring Earl Simmons aka “DMX”.

    So your stage name is "X-PynSyv,” tell us about that life, and do you have any albums released, if so where can people go to show their support!


    Xpyn$yv’s life has been on the hustle, grind & flow, there has been sleepless nights. But personally, I am spontaneous with class & full of quality. I am working on a deadline finishing up 2 Albums with Inner Circle Entertainment (USA) in the next month or two. I am working on a single with Duv Mac from DPG which should be releasing very soon and I will be working on another album around mid-year from my own Record Label “Next Genesis Records”.

    All the information is basically on our website www.conquirtheglobe.com where you may link on our reverbnation link. Our Facebook pages - https://www.facebook.com/ConquirTheGlobeProductions


    So on top of being a Model, Rapper, Executive, you joined the ranks of being an entrepreneur as well by opening up the enterprise (THRONE) Post Production company, How was that experience and are you working with any other artist?


    My experience in opening my “THRONE” was a lot of hard work. Looking at big major labels and seeing what everyone had and what they didn’t have was my motivation to make us unique. What I mean by us is, “my THRONE is a FAMILY”. I’m known to get the job done and I push myself to my full potential. That is why people who I network with wonder how I do what I do and want me on their team. I will be there for my “THRONE” and that is where I place my loyalty, but I am happy to support people who are outside of my circle. I am currently working with an artist called Duv Mac at the moment and just not long ago got looped worked with “IVY”aka Poison IVY, Illadelp, Mr Nino from USA. I’m a very down to earth person and open to work with MAJORS or any upcoming artist.


    If you could align your creative sound to anyone in the music industry, who would it be, and why?


    That is a real tough question because being brought up listening to old school music, I respect the old school G’z no matter what. I have always been a fan of the Ruff Ryders (DMX & EVE are my favorite artists). Both of these artists go hard they have amazing tracks/Albums. DMX has gone platinum whilst with Def Jam, Eve on another hand is where I get my hardcore flow. You need to also understand Australia is not updated of what’s happening in the music industry today.

    What advise can you give our readers about following your dreams?


    If you have a dream and want to pursue – follow it through, don’t stop. My dream is to change the music industry.


    But we can all work together, as well… so follow us to know what’s going on and if you are ever in Australia come by and support us...

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