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    Posted January 26, 2014 by
    NY, New York
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    Thai military declares coup

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    The week that was in Bangkok....... And then came today

    The week that was............... And then came today

    What happened? Most would say absolutely nothing (until today).

    The kamnan was given a new title by one of the acclaimed newshounds at The Nation, in one article he was called "The Supreme Leader" and it went on to say the kamnan also has "an inner circle" (very sinister) they stopped short of saying he is of divine decent, but wait for it, possibly next week.

    Protest numbers have crashed and it has served as a very public humiliation for PDRC. The nightly rantings of 'the supreme leader' as usual have no focus switching from we will one night to we won't the next. But then came today, advance polling day when the supreme leader let the world see the compulsive liar he really is. Advanced polls were cancelled in Bangkok and some southern provinces. Election officials were chased from their posts by the usual bunch of drunken PDRC thugs. In what is nothing less than an affront to all democratic ideals Suthep let the world see what he really is, an irresponsible, immoral thug who believes that he will always be able to carry out any atrocity over any period of time with full impunity.

    On a positive note, Dr. Seri and the extremely repulsive Dr. Jak seem to have vanished into either their own or each others fascist black holes or a least have been given a week off which was a blessing for humanity. Nobody seems to pay much attention to Seri's 'camp clown' rantings anyway but his partner in crime (and possibly other things) Puchoopet is a vile excuse for a human being and a ridiculously strange addition to any group seeking popular support. His statements advocating and laughing about rape on stage sickened the world even if they seem not to have bothered his employers (Naresuan University) at all.

    On the violence front the shocking animalistic behavior of one of the kamnans splinter groups, somehow associating themselves with students rights, was more than a clear indication that these paid per day drunks can ratchet up their lawlessness in a heartbeat. They are not only a danger to the public in Bangkok but in the smaller communities they are actually from, Bangkok's misfortune is a temporary and probably welcome relief to their more permanent districts of residence. There has been a lot of speculation that violence in southern provinces has sharply declined since october, if this is shown to be true it will be very damning for 'the supreme leader'

    Daytime activity by PDRC and friends seems limited to a few screaming middle aged women driving around Bangkok on beaten up old pick up trucks, stopping at various government sub offices, screaming obscenities for an hour and driving on. I witnessed one this week at The Labor Department in Taling Chan, caused a 50 meter traffic slowdown and a few sniggers from passing motorists, especially me. Oh and not to forget the kamnans relentless scrounging, he walked around a few times relieving people of their hard earned cash. Will he have to pay tax? They are donations but he is not a registered charity. Seems his 3rd quarter tax return might have some holes in it especially given his very public broadcasting and boasting about all of the 'donations' he had received.

    On an even duller note. The EC played their usual I dunno what to do game and are waiting for direction from on high as to what their next attempt at sabotage should be. The constitution court similarly lacked guidance from on high and only threw the ball away when asked for a judgement.

    On a positive note we had one bright light. Chalerm and Gen. Paradorn have taken the sherifs role and look like they mean business, a lot is riding on their actions now, possibly Thailand's future (watch this space).

    On a hopeful note it looks like the PM is batting away the curveballs very well now following a couple of bad decisions. Her patience looks to be paying off and she may have beaten the establishment this time by simply giving them enough rope to hang themselves.

    On a cold note Bangkok has been chilly, just getting over a few days of flu. Everyone be safe and keep warm and all I can say for now is enjoy what's left of your sunday.
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