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    Posted January 26, 2014 by
    Thorold South, Ontario
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    Beatlemania memories

    My Beatles' Story


    CNN PRODUCER NOTE     Bradansmom told me, 'This photo is my earliest memory of the Beatles because, at least, I was able to see what they looked like and that gave me the ability to connect with their music.'
    - hhanks, CNN iReport producer

    I was a very young teenager when I first heard the Beatles on our old battery operated radio in the early 1960s. Since we had no television, I had no idea of what these boys looked like. Imagine, if you will, electricity had not yet been introduced in my tiny rural community of St. Vincent’s, NL! The Beatles had rocked their way to our little community and captivated all teenagers, especially girls. Paul McCartney was my favourite…and still is.

    My mother’s voice still resonates in my head as she continued to scold me for asking the rest of my siblings to be quiet so I could hear a song that was playing on the old radio without interruption, while The Beatles sang “It’s Been A Hard Days Night.” My mother’s innate ability was her guarantee that I would be the first one (out of 4 other siblings) to volunteer when she needed an errand done. Of course, I was happy to help her, as well, I saw this as the perfect opportunity for my plan, because it reaped a reward of at least 5-10¢. That’s when you could purchase both an apple and an orange for a dime. With my planned treat in mind, I was eager to make my purchase – a flat package of bubble gum. Ironically, my mom did not allow any of us to bring gum home because, at times, we would unintentionally carry it home on our shoes. What she didn’t know is that I was looking forward to making the purchase of bubble gum. I knew from some of my friends that there was something special inside the bubble gum wrapper. To my astonishment, as I opened the wrapper and discarded the gum, I found this photo of my music idols – the Beatles. Yeah, yeah, yeah! Wow, and it’s autographed by George Harrison! What a moment! I was ecstatic. I could hardly contain the excitement till I reached the house. When I reached the house, totally exhausted from running all the way home, I swung open the porch door and ran into the kitchen holding my prize possession. I anxiously showed my siblings what I had found in the bubble gum wrapper. To my dismay, my mother spoke up and asked “What’s going on?” I showed it to my mother and her reaction was not what I wanted to hear. She said, “calm down girl and stop being so crazy over these young boys. They look disgusting, especially with their really long hair.” This was not acceptable according to my family’s strict disciplinary rules. I bet she was thinking about my three younger brothers and hoping that they would not see this new trend in hairstyle for boys, for fear that this may sway them to follow suit. That would not be a good thing in our household. So, to avoid any further conflict, I plastic-wrapped my new Beatles’ photo, headed upstairs and displayed it on my bedroom wall where it remained, untouched till I left home in 1966. Since then, it has become a special piece of memorabilia that I hold close to my heart, as it represents a piece of my childhood, and that is priceless. It has travelled with me wherever I have gone and survived throughout my married life and the raising of our two children. Fifty-three years later, it’s still precious to me. Most recently, I have mounted in a frame and placed it on a shelf in my office. The lesson to be learned here: it’s the little things that matter most.

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