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    Posted January 26, 2014 by
    Byron Bay NSW Australia, Australia

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    Dr Robert O Young, Alkaline Diet and pH Miracle author, Arrested


    Dr Robert O Young is in the news.

    He has been charged with 18 felony charges, including practicing medicine without a license and grand theft.
    He's up against some heavy hitters:  the District Attorney’s Consumer Unit, Medical Board of California, and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration Office of Criminal Investigations.


    As Australia's pioneer alkaline diet proponents, we've long admired and envied Robert for his hugely successful promotion of the alkaline diet and his forthright 'everything is caused by acidity' approach to health and disease. Whether everything is caused by acid and whether all acids are bad... well, that's quite another subject.


    Authorities have requested $100,000 bail, surrender of his passport and for his 'ranch' to have no guests until, ( I assume) his trial, scheduled for May. Deputy District Attorney Gina Darvas unsuccessfully sought bail of $1 million, arguing that the defendant was a flight risk because he travels extensively and offers health retreats in other countries and has engaged in allegedly dangerous practices with patients. "The fraud component has to do with selling treatment to people who are terminally ill, knowing the treatment will not be effective," said Darvas.


    Young has always attracted controversy. He has also been charged in similar circumstances once before, but it never went to trial.


    I remember sending for his advertised 'Dr Robert O Young lectures at Harvard DVD', plus a book of his. I got the DVD, eagerly put it in my DVD player, only to find it was more of a talk than a lecture, held in the Harvard library and open to -it appeared - anyone. I suppose I had expected a scientifically based lecture with worthy companions - perhaps a few emeritus professors - but I was very disappointed. It seemed no-one was even interested in his talk except a couple of acolytes who had obviously come to support him, and he made no attempt at all to relate his illustrous surroundings to scientific evidence in his talk. When it didn't quite go his way he began quoting scripture, and that's when I turned off.


    The other half of my order, the book, came later, and I was charged double freight because he couldn't get my order out in one shipment. A small thing, yes, but if he had told me he was splitting my order, I would have asked him to wait until he could send both, given the freight I paid from California to Australia.


    The point is, I wanted to believe him!


    Around the same time, I listened eagerly to a lecture he gave on a webinar about the stomach. he claimed the stomach was not filled with acid, but was alkaline. That really had me flummoxed; I'd just watched a science presentation where a presenter had actually siphoned acid directly from her stomach, so I decided to research it to find out who was right. The result Mother Google gave me was that he was wrong. So why was he making these statements when he could be proven so wrong so easily?


    He had some other strange ideas. One was the soya oil was good for you. Not coconut oil, soya oil. He also said that pig flesh should not be eaten 'because pigs don't sweat'. Sorry, Robert, pigs are about the most humanoid animal on the planet and they DO sweat.


    Today Robert O Young portrays himself as an expert on alkaline water, and yet when I began drinking and researching alkaline water 14 years ago he insisted that distilled water was the best water. My cynical self keeps telling me that there was more money to be made in water alkalizers, supported in part by the fact that as a PhD I think he should have been aware that so-called alkaline water machines really are not good producers of alkaline water!


    They do produce alkaline water, but it's not the alkaline property that is therapeutic. It is the molecular hydrogen gas. In fact they are only capable of outputting the alkaline minerals that are in the water to begin with. Hydrogen gas is the secret ingredient he never mentioned and given my own excitement about it, I conclude it is only because he didn't know about it!

    Tyler LeBaron of molecularhydrogeninstitute.com taught me what Young never mentioned, which is that infusion of molecular hydrogen (H2) gas into the water is what accounts for the therapeutic effects, and is the subject of over 350 scientific studies.


    But then, my logical mind says, isn't he a pHD? Shouldn't he know about it at 61 years with all that study behind him, especially when I learned about it from a 26-year old biochemistry and physiology student, Tyler LeBaron?


    The jury is still out on his live blood theories . It's accepted and practised in some quarters, often after a $12,000 course in how to do it from Dr Young, although the majority of scientists will have a spontaneous apoplectic fit at its mention.


    He claims scientific proof that fungus in the body causes things called 'protits' in the blood to turn into malevolent organisms, yet try as I might, I never found one of his or anyone else's studies on PubMed to support him. I always found this strange, given that we carry around six kilos of fungii and bacteria in our bodies in the most amazingly beneficial symbiotic relationship imaginable.


    IMHO his diet does no harm as far as I can see, even helping people who convert from the SAD (Standard American Diet) to a diet of healthy avocado, fruit and vegetables, lots of greens, all organic. Let's face it, there are a hundred diets like that a click away on the net and every one of them would help anyone trapped on the SAD.


    I expect there will be many people very unhappy that their health hero has been 'set up' by the authorities. Alternative health followers do tend to get into victimhood over 'establishment' responses to their heroes' actions.


    I too have gone through this phase of blaming Big Pharma, the government, the medical establishment, anyone who seems to cause me pain and suffering (in my eyes). And I am not here to say that everything Robert o Young does is bogus. He is just like so many so-called healers who want so very badly for their theories to be accepted that they cross the line.


    Will his arrest affect the attitudes of his followers? I doubt it. Will they begin to take more responsibility for learning how to manage their own health? I hope so.


    Ian Blair Hamilton


    Photo: http://www.10news.com/

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