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    Blue Solutions and LabTech Software are “Trusted Providers and Partners”: Tranquil IT

    Tranquil IT described LabTech as a Powerful and Reliable RMM Solution, and Blue Solutions as a Trusted and Resourceful Provider. Thanks to LabTech Software their increased growth and competitiveness are imminent

    Blue Solutions, and LabTech Software are helping Tranquil IT to provide their costumers with a better and quicker service with the streamlined LabTech Software‘s RMM solution, LabTech 2013.

    Tranquil IT is a highly reliable and friendly IT provider and consultancy firm delivering leading hardware and software solutions to help their clients to become more competitive and productive in their markets.

    Following Blue Solutions advice, Tranquil IT implemented LabTech to provide support to costumers working in fast-paced environments. And a trial turned into a purchase of 250 ‘on premise’ licenses blue-solutions-logoof LabTech that transformed the way Tranquil IT provide services improving their client satisfaction, helping them save time and money, and getting continuous improvements that keep them ahead of competitors.

    “We like to think about all the options, so that clients get the best solution. We use Linux for flexibility, and write most of our own software. That’s where LabTech RMM, supplied by Blue Solutions, comes in”. Explained Séan Watson, founder of Tranquil IT. “LabTech RMM really works… we can audit their software and hardware continually, making sure their licensing agreements are current and we can effect repairs, and ensure that problems for the future, such as web threats, are anticipated and blocked before they happen”.

    Séan also stated that managing a customer’s IT to their budget whilst reducing their risk is “particularly important for our retail customers, who could lose not only sales, but also their reputation overnight”.

    Key benefits of LabTech and Blue Solutions as stated by Tranquil IT:

    • LabTech is reliable; customers depend on them to keep their business systems working smoothly, 24/7

    • Flexible; can be customised to suit diverse applications

    • Easy for engineers to work with

    • Supports competitive edge and industry reputation

    • The can-do attitude of Blue Solutions’ team

    • LabTech maximises productivity

    • Continuous improvement keeps Tranquil IT ahead of their competitors

    Séan added that he certainly recommends Blue Solutions and LabTech. On the one hand, he considers LabTech a reliable and versatile software solution, and on the other hand he described Blue Solutions as a supportive, expert and responsive supplier.

    “We are delighted with Tranquil IT’s success in the market and had no doubt that LabTech would help them reach this point.” Said Mark Charleton, CEO in Blue Solutions. “We are committed to helping our clients, and need our providers’ support to achieve this; LabTech Software has always demonstrated their professionalism in developing a highly competitive software tool like LabTech and working in orchestra with their partners. This success will certainly lead us to many more satisfied clients.”
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