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    Posted January 27, 2014 by
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    Active Seniors Give Exercise Advice and Encourage Others to Keep Moving

    Water aerobics, Pilates, yoga and the gym -- at first glance, this seems like it could be the exercise routine of a personal trainer. Instead, it describes the fitness regimen of 82-year-old Jean Rutledge, resident of Grace Presbyterian Village, a Presbyterian Communities and Services senior living community in Oak Cliff. Jean Rutledge goes to water aerobics three times a week, yoga two times a week, the gym twice a week and Pilates once a week, and takes a day of rest on Sundays. She says that she has quite a bit more energy now that she lives at Grace Presbyterian Village and is exercising 30 minutes a day, and encourages everyone to join group classes or to find a workout partner to make these times more enjoyable.
    “My energy level drops considerably if I don’t exercise,” said Rutledge. “As you get older, your body changes and it takes more effort to be healthy. Many seniors just stop moving because it is easier. My advice is to find something you enjoy doing and do it. Even if it’s just walking, turn off the TV and think about how you want to age. I also believe that exercising with others is key. My goal is to live to be 103. I’m 82 now and people tell me I look like I’m in my 60s. I owe it all to being active.”
    Another resident, 69-year-old Janne Brumbelow was not very active throughout her life. She has struggled with her weight for years and tried Weight Watchers and even had a gastric bypass, but the results just did not stick. She was then diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and found moving increasingly more difficult. She went to visit her three-month-old granddaughter and found it challenging to get in seats on the airplane. Her muscles were weak because of the Parkinson’s, and she was unable to pick up the baby.
    “In April of 2011, I started participating in every class Grace Presbyterian Village offers,” said Brumbelow. “Now I work out 30 minutes to an hour every day, five days a week. It was hard at first because my muscles were not working like they should, but I kept at it. Now I have lost 20 pounds and have noticed a huge difference with how I feel. My Parkinson’s has slowed down, and I am healthier now than I was before I moved here and feel better than I have in years. Even my doctor said he thinks the exercise and healthy eating is helping me more than the medicine.”
    Brumbelow was able to go back to visit her granddaughter nine months after her first trip. She had no difficulty getting on and off the airplane, or picking up the then one-year-old. She credits healthy eating, exercise and her workouts with the Wellness Manager at Grace Presbyterian Village for this achievement.
    “Our residents are active, enjoying life and thriving,” said Lisa McClendon, Wellness Manager for Grace Presbyterian Village. “Our daily Pilates class ranges from residents in their 60’s to 90’s and they look and feel great. These residents are an inspiration to me and I’m sure to anyone else who is starting to think about their fitness goals for 2014.”
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