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    Posted January 27, 2014 by
    St. Paul, Minnesota
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    Wintry weather 2014

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    Shadow Flying Around in the Artic Clouds!


    Greetings Everyone,


    Thank you for taking the time out to view what I saw in the sky that shocked me. After I took a short video of the winds earlier that day when I when to check the mailbox. I noticed the room where I always sit at the computer kept going extremely bright then dark simultaneously for about 5 minutes.


    So I looked outside to see what was going on I saw this big black evil shadowy mist moving across the sun and clouds swiftly.


    The sun was brighter than I had ever seen. It was blinding bright. I stood there in shock while all of this activity was going on in the sky. I could not switch my camera into video mode due to me being in shock. Then this evil force came by my window, but I was not afraid just shocked, because everyday before I rise out of bed I always seek refuge in God Almighty to help me protect my family and I from the evil forces that roams around in the skies and among us humans each and everyday.


    Satan is our enemy, and is trying to steal all humankind faith away from them. He already tried to steal my faith so many time and caused me to commit sins against my own flesh, and tried to confuse me about God telling me that God is not real. As I became older and started to read the Holy Books and pray on a daily basis I became stronger in faith and got closer with Our Heavenly Father God Almighty.


    God is real and please do not allow Satan to deceive you through other humans without knowledge that likes to spread their evil venom to everybody, because you are responsible for your own soul and those that do not believe that is their choice, and I will pray for them to change their mind like I did before it is too late.


    Evil is everywhere! I pray for the best for everybody not to be the victim of Satan like the way I was once upon a time in my life. Stay strong in your prayers and seek refuge everyday.


    Getting to know God was the best thing that I have ever did in my life. God Almighty Loves all of us. Satan hate all of us human beings. Satan has no mercy with his evil powers. God has mercy with his powers. God always win. Satan can not when God and that is why he uses so many humans to do wickedness to one another, because he know he can not stand a chance with God personally. Seek the Armor of God each day over your and your love ones, friends etc.


    Being a Servant of Our Father God Almighty I am commanded to share the powerful events that I am capturing, and deliver messages of hope forever for everyone. Stay strong no matter what you may and have faced in this life or going through. It is temporary. Life itself is temporary. God knows and he sees and hears everything that is going on the earth. When a person look for him they will find him. Without God I was lost in this life.We have wonderful Glorious Angels surrounding us too.


    Now that I said what I needed to say first. The weather in Minnesota is -20 below windchill, and all of the schools were closed today and will be closed tomorrow January 27, 2014.


    May God Almighty spread His Blessings to all you, and have a prosperous life.


    Carla O.
    Servant & Believer of Our Father God Almighty

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