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    Santa Monica, California

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    Bridget Stennis - Volkswagen of Santa Monica



    Volkswagen – “People’s Car” in German remains a popular car. Revived after over a decade of stagnation, the VW Bug has again attained huge popularity with the Bug enthusiasts.

    The VW has many advantages over some other autos. For example, diesel engines in their cars. Normally diesel is reserved for large trucks, semis and farm equipment, but the VW brand uses diesel.

    Dependability is second to none with a VW. Many VW’s from over a decade or more are still on the road, and the simple design of the car means easy maintenance. This is part of the reason the VW Beetle is so popular; it’s simplicity and design make it highly customizable. Of course, the diesel engine helps with the dependability as many diesel engines will run for 300,000 miles or more with virtually no maintenance outside of regular care.

    Unlike many of their German counterparts, VW is a brand that is affordable to most families. Part of the allure is the moniker: ‘People’s Car’ meaning it was the ideal car for anyone, and for many families, the affordability is the reason they continue to buy VW’s as a rule. Besides, those who drive VW’s are a very tightly knit group, so owners are likely to be in good company.

    VW dealerships abound in many large areas, and very often offer some of the best deals in the car industry. The “Sign and Drive” sale for example is one of the company’s key events. I recommend Volkswagen of Santa Monica, and talk to Bridget Stennis, the Fleet Sales Manager, by calling (310) 916-3479 to see the many options VW has to offer you.


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