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    Posted January 27, 2014 by
    NY, New York

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    Abhisit....... who/what am I?




    What is he? Who is he? Does he himself even have the answer?


    Amazingly he somehow became party leader based on how handsome he is and his occasional use of words with more than 2 syllables........ That alone is a shocking testament to the decision making process in the democrat party, a process which has not in any way developed under his inept stewardship.


    Famously ad infinitum using statements such as, “protesters must respect the rule of law”, “there were no live rounds used” and the classic “unfortunately some people died” must call into question his ability to communicate despite his so called great education.


    His lack of understanding of what he has done, what he shares responsibility for makes one wonder at his complete lack of remorse for his crimes. Crimes which are so heinous that he should not be walking the streets in Thailand and would not be at liberty under any circumstances in any country with an impartial judicial system.


    What/who is Abhisit Vejjajiva? He is simply a pawn, when he thought he was being groomed for success he actually was destined for failure. In the progressive society that he grew up in he forgot to pack 1 simple thing in his luggage, he forgot democracy.


    His ineptitude is unimportant to the 'good people', there are plenty more on the production line. For most people his shared 'Butcher of Bangkok' status will never leave him. In the words of a good friend this morning “let's hope there is not a sequel to this movie”, we don't need to see 'Butcher of Bangkok 2'

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