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    There is a saying ‘Old is gold’ . With time things change so do sense , application of proverbs . We human beings have a common tendency to say that is right which is suitable to us and find uncool which is not favorable to us . Might heard the story when a fox could not jump high and eat grapes he said ‘I do not want to eat these sour grapes’ . This typical behavior can be find among us very often . If one does not qualify , do not have ambition , endeavor says what is the need to go abroad , I have every thing on my TV screen .

    Are all cosmopolitans are mad ? Cultural , diplomatic relations among nations , international organizations are all futile ? Why bridges are building from BRIC countries to USA to European Union ? Why highest number of Chinese students are going to America. Why embassies appoint people other than own countrymen who understand or interested in advancing relationship between states ?

    In Indian context there is a saying in Sanskrit language ‘वसुधैब कुटुम्बकम्’ which means the whole universe is our relative, brothers & sisters . Mega Diplomacy or New Diplomacy of 21st century is just modern version of this वसुधैब कुटुम्बकम्’ .

    We learn certain values from our parents or any one whose personality influenced us . One such exemplary is unless there is a security concern one should not listen to others private conversation . Maintaining privacy is legal and moral right of every one . But these days advancement of technology created many stealers and malingerers . They are poorest creatures having no virtue . They steal information of others . whether they understand it or not , there is any truth or not but create scoops for having a chubby wallet .

    The bottom line is new or old standard all depends on human mentality , principle , education etc . We can see big difference in society even if few people in key sectors think twice before saying, doing and taking any decision and exercise some of these reflectors in appropriate place and time .
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