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    Posted January 28, 2014 by
    Bangkok, Thailand
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    Thai military declares coup

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    An Open Letter from C.E.R.T


    Open Letter from Chula Engineers to Reform Thailand.


    Open Letter from the Chula Engineers to Reform Thailand (CERT)
    His Excellency Mr. Pongsak Ruktapongpisal, Minister of Energy and
    His Excellency Mr.Chadchart Sittipunt, Minister of Transport

    We were once proud of Peng and Trip (nicknames of Mr. Pongsak and Mr. Chadchart) as “Engineer”, our Chula Engineering’s alumni, for receiving high-ranking Ministerial positions in Yingluck Shinawatra’s Cabinet. We once admired your dedication and effort to serve the people and to repay debt to the nation, devotion worthy of dignity of Chula Engineering students who were instilled with genuine honesty and virtue.

    But now it is clear that Yingluck Shiawatra’s government is the government underThaksinocracy which have violated the laws and caused so many wrongdoings to the country:

    1. They are the corrupt government. Rice-Pledging Scheme alone is tainted with corruption from the upstream, midstream to downstream. Even G-to-G rice deals are phony, so is the Packed Rice Project which was claimed to help the poor. The scheme is so corrupt to the point that the government no longer has the money to pay for pledged rice over the past 4 months.

    2. They are the government that resorts to the only solution, that is, “borrowing” which causes national debt and burdens our next generation. Once the government is so corrupt that they run out of the money to pay for the farmer’s warehouse receipts, they pressure the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) and Government Savings Bank (GSB) to provide loans, thereby burdening the banks and their depositors without any conscience about the chain of government corruption.

    3. They are the arrogant government that is ready for incessant “corruption” and “borrowing” causing perpetual national debt. The government and members of the parliament (MP) under Thaksinocracy dare to prepare for continuous corruption and borrowing, be it the introduction of 2.2 Trillion Baht Borrowing Bill which evades the normal budget auditing, the amendment to Section 190 to prepare for negotiating international agreements or the constitutional amendment to make the Senate fully elected to undermine the balance of power in the check and balance system.

    4. They are the government that destroyed “Democracy”. We Chula Engineers have been inculcated with the love for democracy and are equipped with intellect and conscience. Peng and Trip, do you truly believe that we are governed by a real democracy? It is merely “Thaksinocracy” where election comes from vote buying, independent media is harassed, political campaigns sabotaged, election debate to show leader’s vision evaded, government power abused for cronyism, nepotism and patronage causing conflicts, MP duty to listen to different opinions ignored, government power used for endless corruption, laws violated, court power disregarded etc. Therefore, this upcoming election is only a faux democracy under Thaksinocracy dictatorship.

    5. They are the government that “lies”, slanders the people and causes disunity. People who come out, they do it for the country, but Prime Minister Yingluck and her group slandered us with many lies to instigate conflicts:
    … accused us of anti-democracy, of anti-election, of thirst for political power while in fact we come out to demand the true democracy and the political reform that will bring the real government for the people not the government for any particular family.
    … blamed the movement of the public for the government’s inability to pay back farmers while the People's Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) has never closed the Bank for Agriculture and Agricultural Cooperatives (BAAC) before. If the government had sold rice and paid BAAC back, farmers should have received the money by now.
    … accused us in both domestic and international media of waging a class war which is not true. We come out together without separation of class. Thai people regardless of status can unite. The political leader should neither slander their own people nor instigate the conflicts among the people.

    6. Shinawatra’s family has hurt Thailand in many incidents. Thaksin Shinawatra’s government became corrupt, causing hundred billions baht worth of damages to the country, leading to the conviction and asset seizure, the conflicts were instigated among Thais, city burnt and amnesty bill proposed during Yingluck’s government to exonerate her brother. In addition, despite no evidence against the court, both of them claimed that the country did not give them justice. And when the corruptions were revealed, the parliament was dissolved for the new election. This action damages the nation’s virtues and morality and turned democracy into corrupt family business matter. This family has repeatedly wounded our country for over 10 years.

    We do believe that Peng and Trip are determined to create something good and repay debt to the nation. But once you realize that you have become a tool of Thaksinocracy in corrupting the nation, causing debts to the next generations, destroying the country’s virtues and ruining democracy, we beg you to walk away from this immoral government, to stop convincing yourselves that what you do is for protecting democracy since this democracy is a deception, or that this is for the poor since the government use the poor only as an excuse for the benefits of the power holders.

    We sincerely wish to continue to be proud of and respect both of you.....
    Representatives of the Chula Engineers to Reform Thailand (CERT)

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