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    Posted January 29, 2014 by
    Pensacola, Florida
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    Wintry weather 2014

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    Florida Ice Storm 2014


    Last night we went to bed with the sound of sleet pelting our north facing windows and I could see the layer of ice that developed over everything outside. And we could feel the cold setting in. Our house was built in 1891 so already it is not ready to deal with cold, let alone a northern U.S. type of cold. Luckily though, our electricity stayed on despite the numerous outages all around us.


    We awoke to a balmy 58° in the house and what looked like a scene from movie The Day After Tomorrow. Everything was white, not from snow, but ice and sleet that accumulated overnight. Probably anywhere from 1/8" to 1/2" thick.


    I decided I did not want to stay in the house, but rather go on a small adventure. As many of you know from reading previous iReports I have submitted I like to photograph lost shoes, or Lost Soles as I call them. And with all this ice I wanted to get a photograph of a Lost Sole frozen over to commemorate this rare event.


    I did know where one was located that I had driven by recently but did not have time to stop. It was located about a mile or so from the house so I bundled up and braved the cold and wind to get my shot.


    On the journey there I took numerous shots of what I saw. It was surreal to see icicles hanging from street signs and palm trees this far south. The streets were virtually impassable, although I did see a few vehicles, slipping and sliding their way along. Fortunately no accidents. Trees were bents over from the weight of their ice coatings.


    I did have to traverse up a freeway entrance ramp and get unto the highway, which would normally be pretty dangerous, and slightly illegal normally. But today I figured I could get away with it seeing their were no vehicles in sight on there.


    I eventually got to the shoe, got my photo and headed back home. On the walk back, I stopped to watch some kids "sledding" down their front yard in an empty FedEx box.


    This wasn't a very exciting iReport, nothing filled with peril, just a report on what I experienced in my neighborhood on this most unusual day in Florida.

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