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    Posted January 29, 2014 by
    Farmersburg, Indiana
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    Trapped in a 'Peanuts' Cartoon - State of the Union Address


    As  I sat in my recliner tonight intently trying to keep from drowsing off  as President Barack Obama delivered his fifth State of the Union  Address, I felt as if I was trapped in a "Peanuts" cartoon.

    You know when the adults are speaking, but all you hear is "wahwahwahwahwahwah."

    All I heard that came out clearly were six words: "I will act on my own."

    While  the President always scores high marks as an orator, and did again  tonight, I found the President lacking on anything of substance beyond  what he has proposed time and again in the other four addresses. The  President noted the successes, minor that most have been, and rehashed  what he once again this year hoped he could get the Congress to do.

    The  President did strike the right chords to applause, standing and  cheering, as he pushed themes near and dear to the hearts of women. One  Congresswoman was even dancing in the aisle as the President called for  equal pay for equal work.

    But we've heard this all before.

    Little  the President brought forth in tonight's State of the Union was enough  to spark that hope which charged Americans out of apathy and complacency  in the heady days of 2008.

    That  is until the very end when the President reaffirmed his commitment to  the military and our veterans - especially with special guest Sergeant  First Class Cory Remsburg, a wounded warrior who continues to fight back  from the injuries that nearly killed him in Afghanistan.

    The best part of the night, the strongest point, was at the end.

    But  it had nothing to do with the President or his policies. It was all  about Sergeant Remsburg. Remsburg exemplifies the American spirit and  the American dream.

    From  the Cornfield, unfortunately nothing I heard tonight gives me much to  cheer about in the coming year. There was nothing I heard from the  President tonight which will propel Democratic candidates to take over  the House of Representatives come November or to keep the Republicans  from taking control of the US Senate.

    Read the complete transcript of the President's 2014 State of the Union Address: http://cnn.com/interactive/2014/01/politics/sotu-speech-transcript/index.html?hpt=po_c1

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