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    Nzuri Children’s Liquid Hair Vitamins Now sold through Etailz.com and Amazon


    One of The largest online retailers of natural products now carries the Nzuri Hair Vitamin line of products through Amazon. Etailz’s e-commerce divisions offer environmentally friendly and lifestyle enhancing products. These high quality hair growth products includes Nzuri’s 3 most popular hair vitamins. Etailz will carry the Nzuri Elixir Liquid Hair Vitamins, The Kra-Z hair Gro Vitamins which is in capsule form and the one that everyone is raving about the Nzuri Elixir Children’s hair vitamins.


    Leola Anifowoshe, CEO of Nzuri LLC, said they are proud to be the first manufacturer of a liquid hair vitamin specifically manufactured just for Children. Hair loss in children is a concern for many parents said Anifowoshe. Some often resort to such drastic practices as to continuously have their toddlers’ heads shaved so that their hair becomes more thicker over time. Some parents actually fear that if they do not shave their babies’ hair that they will not get a thick head of hair. But the truth of the matter is that practice is not proven and can actually backfire.


    Vitamin specialist suggests that parents should seriously consider the practice of giving their children a hair boost by giving them a very good multi vitamin to aid in their growth. Anifowoshe says that the Nzuri Elixir Children's Hair Vitamins is the answer because it has all the necessary vitamins and minerals in the right combination for the small ones.


    They should also apply good hair growth oil to toddler’s hair several hours before scheduled hair wash. They should also use a shampoo brush or massager on the scalp to properly stimulate blood in those areas. This will greatly enhance their scalp’s ability to rapidly produce strong and thick hair.
    Children’s Hair Growth Causes: Children do not normally have problems with hair growth. Most children have healthy scalps with very thick hair. There are, however, those who through heredity and genetics have abnormally thin hair. Thin hair for children is a rare occasion but they do happen. Causes for hair loss in children are:
    • Nutritional disorders
    • Hair loss disorders brought about by emotional or psychological distress
    • Compulsive pulling or twisting of hair
    • Hormonal disorders such as Endocrine


    For parents who have children facing hair problems, do not worry. You can remedy slow hair growth or thinning hair in 5 easy steps. It will take time but these steps are worth doing because your child will grow back the hair that was lost.


    Step 1- Make sure that your child takes the Nzuri Elixir Children's hair vitamins daily as suggested or the best Multi vitamin of your choice. Nzuri further states that multi-vitamins are good but they do not contain the adequate amounts that is required to fully aid in hair growth. It is important that you find good vitamins that separately have a good dosage of biotin, vitamin A, copper, and zinc. The Nzuri Elixir Children’s Vitamins has all of these key vitamins and minerals plus over 197 more essential vitamins and minerals growing bodies need. It is also gluten and sugar free.

    Step 2- Biotin works wonders for thickening hair as well as strengthening it from the root. You could give them Biotin alone but many people do not know the correct dosage and may be giving too little or wasting if giving them too much.


    Step 3- Make sure that they eat well-balanced meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The meals that they eat must contain equal parts of fruits, vegetables, protein and fish.


    Step 4- You must try to make your household as stress-free as possible. You children will need to be as happy as they can so that they do not lose hair from stress.


    Children are very resilient because they are young and they will grow back their hair after some time. As parents, you must make sure that they take the right steps in developing healthy hair. Following these steps will not only ensure healthy hair growth; it also ensures a healthier body and mind, which are definitely necessary for a well rounded and grounded child and a healthy adult...


    Step 5 – Smoothies – Yes Smoothies. Kids love them and they are very nutritious. You can simply add the Nzuri Elixir Children’s vitamins to the Smoothie along with your favorite fruits and vegetables. Now your child will have received all of their vitamins and minerals from a tasty and healthy smoothie. Get your children used to Smoothies and Juicing early in life and they will stick to it.


    Nzuri also has an adult liquid hair vitamin and the Kra-Z Hair Gro vitamins. They are most famous for their 15 day hair booster colon cleanses and parasite cleanse - The Hair Detox Kit.


    What I found most enlightening about Nzuri is that they take a healthy approach to growing hair from the inside out. You can find their products at http://www.hairvitaminstore.com/Nzuri_Elixir_Children_s_Liquid_Hair_Vitamins_p/nechv902.htm or at http://www.Amazon.com


    Good luck growing all of your hair to the lengths you love.

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