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    Posted January 29, 2014 by
    Las Vegas, Nevada

    A Billion Dollar Secret for America's Unemployed


    Millions of Americans are dealing with unemployment and federal benefits are running out. Ironically there is a billion dollar option people haven't considered. In fact unemployed Americans have been exercising this for over the last 100 years. The secret is embedded into the very fiber of America's history. And though it is not for everyone I am convinced it could directly and indirectly change the lives of millions.


    Our society has raised us to educated ourselves either through a trade, college or university. Then after completion of our education we find jobs. But what if there are no jobs? What if we do find a job and then suddenly hit a jobless phase in our lives? What if no matter what we do we are still unemployed? Our society seems so singularly focused on one solution to income. Yet in America there are many more options.


    Monopoly is not Just a Game But a Lesson to the Unemployed


    Monopoly was invented by Charles Darrow an unemployed salesman. Mr Darrow was struggling during the Great Depression working odd jobs trying to feed his family. A few nights earlier before creating the game he played a similar game by Elizabeth Magie Phillips called The Landlords Game. He decided to create his own game and call it Monopoly. His first few games sold for $4 (equivalent of over $50.00 in today money). And slowly his sales began to grow. See in the 1930's there was very little to entertain yourself at home. Radios were so expense most people in the US paid in installments. As my grandmother explained a board game could make you very popular. People would entertain guest in their house at night with games.


    Mr Darrow's Monopoly sales started to grow. So he decided to send a copy of Monopoly to Parker Brothers in hopes of it selling through them. Parker Brothers was the king of board game creation back then. However they turned Mr Darrow down citing over 50 flaws in the game. But that did not stop Mr Darrow he kept creating copies of Monopoly. And after a short time his sales picked up. Department stores got into the action and began selling hundreds of copies. Even famed New York toy store FAO Schwarz put hundreds of copies in his store.


    The news of the Monopoly sales finally reached the Parker Brothers again who originally turned the game down. So one of the brothers decided to play the game himself and loved it so much he offered Charles Darrow a contract to mass produce Monopoly. The game was a hit and Charles Darrow became a millionaire.


    Survival in the Depression 1930s verses Now


    Mr Darrow would have loved to be employed but there were no jobs. They had to find something to survive. Something people would buy based on their need. They didn't have a business plan to start a company. They just used what they had to solve a problem that people would pay for without question. And they didn't even have the internet.


    I want to clarify that I am not saying that America's unemployed should not be on federal benefits. Nor am I saying that they did not exhaust all options for earning money. I am saying that those options may have been the only options that unemployed Americans knew about until now. The 1930's did not have a multi billion dollar internet virtual community.


    Sure Linkedin, online resume submit sites and classifieds are great. But millions of competitors for jobs are using them. And even people who are employed looking for other jobs are using those sites. Doing what every else is doing is going to get you what everyone else is getting. In other words you will be less effective in an ocean of sameness.


    Imagine instead of owning a car you own a jet. And everyday you used your jet the same way you used your car. You would get in and drive a jet on the ground to the store, movies, run errands. Even if the jet was legal and you didn't crash into anything. You are not optimizing the use of that jets capabilities. Jets are meant to fly not roll 100% on the ground.


    The power of the internet is the same way. Millions of Americans including the unemployed are only using the internet at a fraction of its capability. Like the jet rolling strictly on the ground many Americans are not optimizing the internet in simple ways to create additional revenue streams.


    A Secret Solution for Millions of Unemployed Americans


    Disclaimer the solutions I am listing do require a computer, webcam, internet access. And some legal way to collect payments. But even services like PayPal and other online merchants will allow you to do that in the simplest way for small fees. And more options are popping up all the time.


    Instead of creating a business, create a solution. Let's take for example that story of Brad Bowman who is 35 and lost his job in Detroit. He was a mentor for kids and has been unemployed for months. Though he is unemployed he still has the intellectual properties to help people. Brad for instance could help parents with the top 10 challenges they are facing with kids who need mentoring. He could deliver solutions via LIVE sessions he could do on Google Hangout or Skype which are free.


    Top 4 Ways Unemployed Americans can Earn Money with their Minds


    Advice: Consider (as long as it is legal) offering your advice. If you are looking for a corporation to employ you. That means that there is a market available to offer advice. The advantage of the internet is that people will buy from people. The more you present yourself as a person vs being a big corporation the better the chances of you being a success. Transparency and authenticity is key. Think to yourself what experience do you have that people may need?


    Services: Almost any white collar service you provide in a job can be done online. Bookkeeping, proofreading, translation, technical things like presentations. You name it. Think to yourself what can you do as a service that people may need?


    Online Events: Let's say you wanted to train people LIVE online. Thanks to Google Hangout you can. The President, of the United States Steven Spielberg, and NASA does as well. But they are not alone because there are millions of Americans who are doing the same thing. Moms, former Fortune 500 employees, and fitness coaches just to name a few. And Google Hangouts allows you to stream video and have it as a replay later and it is easy to use.


    Digital Products and Programs: You can take the recordings of your advice and online events and offer them for sell. This would allow you to earn income infinitely.


    Creating solutions like the inventor of the game Monopoly may not be the solution for everyone. But imagine what it could do for our economy. If just a small fraction of unemployed Americans could earn money monthly from what they already know. It would have an amazing quantum effect.


    The solution for America's unemployed will never be found within the action of politicians nor state of our job market. The real secret within America involves leveraging our talent, skills, education, and experience in return for money.

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