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    Posted January 30, 2014 by

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    President Napolitano Impeachment Request


    Very hard times in Italy, after the President Napolitano impeachment request, presented from the Five Stars Movement and related at several, according them, constitutional violations. In particular, M5S Movement, at the opposition side, charges Napolitano about the following points:
    1) Legislative Functions Expropriation and Emergency Legislate Power Abuse.
    The Judiciary Italian System contemplates the possibility to product laws in a fast way, when the emergency situations are requested. Thus the laws avoid the double control from the two Parliament branch and once signed from the President, they are valid for ninety days, within which, the law must be approved with classic rite.
    The particular crise in which Italy lives, has indispensably driven the new government to adopt that kind of procedure.
    2) Constitution Reforms.
    President Napolitano would have asked to the Parliament the constitutional reform, aiming to a new apparatus which transform it in more flexible rules.
    We have a Constitution Paper which has been made in the far 1948 and it's always possible to change it toward a more modern and flexible paper, which is up dated at current times.
    3) Not Contistutional Law Proposals Signed from President, avoiding to refuse them.
    Some time ago, the Parliement presented a couple of law proposals, defined not constitutional, but President Napolitano approved them with no opposition.
    The problem is that each law is put under President control, but, if he wants to refuse it, the same law goes back to the chambers which can propose it without any correction and President must sign it at all. So Napolitano would have just cut an useless time losing.
    4) Second Mandate to the President.
    M5S Movement contests the second election of Napolitano, because the Constitution does not contemplate this singular situation. In detail, the italian fundamental paper recites: "The elected President can operate for seven years", nothing more. He would be just one new President, with same name and human lineaments.
    5) Grace Power Abuse.
    Italian President has the power to give the grace, in circumscribed situations, and he provided to give it at an american CIA members, Joseph Romano, involved in the Abu Omar case, and to a journalist called A. Sallusti, condamned for calumniation. The first grace has been gift for the particular and delicate relationships between USA and Italy, concerning the new measures adopted from Obama in super power used for terrorism fight.
    The second one, has been given as guarantee to the freedom of expression, and all the italian parties were agree about that.
    6) Mafia-State Relationships.
    The last point concernes the telephon interceptions related at several callings between Mancino, who was the Chairman of Magistrate Council, and the President. Mancino is involved in the State-Mafia relationships but the words spoken between him and Napolitano, would haven't been significantly for the judge who's leading the investigation.
    These are the reasons for which M5S Movement asked the President impeachment, a man who surely would prefere to spend his time in complete relax and out from these diatribes too ridicolous, too baby talks.
    Guidonia, 30 of january, 2014 h. 3.35 pm. Mario R. Zampella

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