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    Posted January 30, 2014 by
    New York, New York

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    Peace Groups From The Netherlands and New York City Tighten Alliance


         The Dutch Foundation for World Peace Is Possible today announces the appointment of the I Declare World Peace project’s vice-president as one of WPIP’s international peace ambassadors, strengthening the collaboration between the two groups.                                

         The Foundation for World Peace Is Possible (#WPIP) announced the expansion of its “Ambassador” program today by electing New York lawyer Lawrence R. Gelber as one of WPIP’s International Ambassadors. Gelber, who is the vice-president of the New York based I Declare World Peace project (#IDWP), will continue promotional efforts to heighten global awareness that world peace is possible. With WPIP’s newest designation, Gelber joins the ranks of other WPIP notables, such as the international recording artist Kimicoh Kimico and the recently elected Melanie Safka of Woodstock fame.   


         In accepting the designation, Gelber said: “I am certainly honored to be in such good company. We at IDWP have always felt a close connection with WPIP because their positive message is synergistic with ours. When we first announced IDWP’s collaborative relationship with WPIP on June 15, 2012, we each understood immediately that together we could raise global peace consciousness more effectively.”                                    


         In their June 15, 2012 announcement, Janny Smits, then the artistic and creative director, and now the General Manager, of WPIP, said: “World Peace Is Possible exists to change the thinking of humanity … to seriously challenge existing false notions that peace is somehow not available. The I Declare World Peace project shares our viewpoint and our understanding of how a simple positive thought spread globally can have a positive result. We are very pleased with this collaboration.”                            


         Reached today at her home in Utrecht, Holland, Ms. Smits was similarly effusive about the closer relationship between WPIP and IDWP. “We are even more convinced today that the close cooperation of peace-awareness-raising groups will help create an environment where the press for peace is no longer simplistically viewed as the province of hippies. We see the idea of peace entering mainstream thinking, and our goal is to see that thinking become manifest in the conduct of the world’s governments.”                                


         Smits and Gelber indicated that they will engage in a variety of cross-promotional activities on social media, including efforts to generate videos from the public where people say “World Peace Is Possible” and “I Declare World Peace”.


         “Great actions stem from the spread of ideas,” Gelber observed, “and we are thrilled to help Janny and her group make the world aware that world peace is indeed possible.” Ms. Smits welcomed Gelber to the WPIP ambassadorship, saying “I Declare World Peace.”       


    # # # The World Peace Is Possible Foundation is described in full at http://www.worldpeaceispossible.com The I Declare World Peace project is explained fully at http://www.ideclareworldpeace.org        

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