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    The Dumbest Line from the State of the Union Address


    "But the debate is settled. Climate change is a fact."


    Really Obama? You just now discovered the climate changes? Go facepalm yourself. And after that do it again because one just is not enough.


    The climate on Earth has been changing since there was an Earth. According to the all-knowing Wiki there have been five major ice ages in Earth's past. That means if there were five different ones then at points in between them the Earth was hotter than during those ice ages. In fact there have been periods of total absence of ice at even higher latitudes.


    That means the climate all over the globe was different at different points in history. During colder periods tundra would reach further south and during hotter periods deserts would be larger. For billions of years this has been happening.


    Not sure when Obama finally discovered the climate is changing, still, as it has been forever, but he is way behind with his discovery. There was never a debate over this.


    But yes we all know that he is talking about man made climate change. That is completely debatable. How much do humans impact climate change? Who really knows? Nobody. There are many different models put out by scientists. Some claim the Earth is warming because of humans and the apocalypse should have really happened when? Back in the 80s. Whoops.


    Then they run around like Chicken Little claiming the sky is falling because of a bunch of winter weather. "OH MY GOSH! This is unprecedented This is the coldest it has been in 30 years!" Well then sorry to say it is not that unprecedented. You just said we had a colder year 30 years ago. Calm down.


    The fact is weather happens. It always has and it always will. Nothing will change that. We could stop using every single form of energy and weather will still happen. So too will the climate change. Sorry the Sun goes through cycles too and we just can not do shit about that. It has a huge effect on the Earth's climate too. We can not do shit about that either.


    Until scientists can tell us exactly what percentage our burning fossil fuels has on the climate, and that it is more than the Sun and Earth cycles themselves there is no reason to believe we could stop or slow anything by any significant amount to warrant everybody to alter their lives, and by force of government driven by a few Chicken Littles.


    If Obama had any sense he and his little band of crazies that want to tell us how we should all live would actually talk about what byproducts of burning fossil fuels and industrial waste does to our health when we breathe it, drink it, and eat it. That can be measured a whole hell of a lot better than wild guesses on what it does to affect the Earth's climate.


    Believe me I do not want to breathe shit from cars, trucks, power plants, anymore than I want someone's second hand smoke.


    Obama, the debate on human induced climate change is not over at all. You can say it as loud as you want to the country but it does not make it so. It is still debatable and it is being debated.


    But I will agree with you that we do not need to subsidize the oil industry with tax dollars when they do not even need it. Seems pretty asinine to me.

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