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    Posted February 2, 2014 by
    Snook, Texas
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    Texas Orders Death of 500+ Year Old Oaks!

    Snook, Texas, the departure of another irreplaceable artifact in order to satisfy what a few unelected officials view as meeting the ever growing needs of a struggling and unhappy traveling public.
    Located in the small community in Central Texas named Snook, there is a family that owns a small tract of land there. The family has farmed and ranched on the land for many generations. This land isn’t much different than most of the land in that area, except there are some very beautiful, very old, very big Oak Trees. There are several of these huge old trees, of which are believed to be in excess of 500 years old. One of these behemoths has a trunk that measures around 25 feet in circumference. Its limbs spread out somewhere around 100 feet.
    Now think about this, they have survived numerous severe droughts, floods, hurricanes, lighting storms, you name it and they have beat it. Then ponder for a few minutes about the history that has passed these trees by, Columbus sailed the ocean blue, Coronado searched for gold, Jamestown was settled, John Hancock signed his name, Lewis and Clark walked to Portland, Hugh Glass fought a Bear, Bowie used his knife in a Church, Booth did the unthinkable, Audie Murphy earned a Medal, yes, it just goes on and on, until 2014 that is!
    Sadly, after centuries of struggling to survive, watching history unfold, these beautiful old trees have become the target of the State of Texas through her Department of Transportation. They have determined, through all their exceptional wisdom that it is their duty to serve and protect the public by choosing to destroy these beautiful specimens of god’s ability to create a lasting beauty, of which now has proven they can only to be destroyed by simple man.
    TxDot is going to take several of these wonderful pieces of history away for us for the sole purpose of building a new road, not expanding an old one, through the Community of Snook, Texas. They could have simply moved their real estate conquest less than 40 feet into an area of only scrub growth and saved these magnificent topiary beauties. Yet, without any reasonable consideration as to what these giants have endured for up to maybe 600 years, what they mean to the people around them, what they could signify to the citizens of Texas, not to mention their extreme pulchritude, the engineers, designers and attorneys for the Texas road system decided it is not possible to move their self imposed boundary those few feet. Too bad we weren’t talking about a frog.
    So in short Texas, please say goodbye to these giant boscage in God’s tiny creation.
    Joe L. Covington, Citizens Reflection Photography
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