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    Posted February 2, 2014 by
    Brewster, New York
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    Lakeland, Fla. High School Student's Blog Stirs Up National Attention

    Local News Station News 96.5 reported the following story that is garnering national attention. The original blog by Marion Mayer can be found by clicking the following link: http://causewecool.tumblr.com/post/73657590435/spankmeagainplease-feel-free-to-sexually-harass

    News 96.5 Report By Tony Marino

    Lakeland Fla. —

    Lakeland Senior High School student Marion Mayer was so offended by remarks her principal made, that she took to the internet about it. Now her Facebook and Tumblr blog has picked up national attention and she's getting a lot of support from readers.

    While addressing the schools dress code, Principal Arthur Martinez made remarks that girls should go by the rule "modest is hottest," because "boys will be boys."

    Mayer said those types of phrases stereotype boys as aggressive simply because of what girls wear.

    "My body is not a sinful temptation that needs to be hidden. My body is not your personal, sexual object. My body does not overshadow my character.
    My body is not any more sexual than a man's body. My body is not here to look "hot" for you."

    "Being a boy refers to your gender. That's all."

    It does not make you constantly sexually aroused, animalistic or sexually uncontrollable, but for some reason society has come to the conclusion that you are this stereotype. This is extremely sad. This gender stereotype is unfair to all men. By telling them who they are as a man you are absolutely taking away their moral agency. "But he's a teenager. He's raging with hormones." You don't think I'm raging with hormones as well? Believe me I am.

    When the people who do sexually harass other people happen to be male and you use the excuse "boys will be boys," you are not only excusing their behavior, you are condoning it.

    Mayer wrote in her blog that behavior by people is a cognitive choice not dictated by clothing. She said the 'modest is hottest' phrase suggests that girls should not express themselves as they see fit for fear of misbehavior from boys.

    It's this "boys will be boys" mentality, culture and attitude that condone sexual assault. Whenever the excuse "boys will be boys" is used, it's just an exercise of male privilege. You are telling them that it's okay for them to be sexually violent.

    Sex needs to stop being about "no - it's bad dirty gross shameful," and start being about, "yes - let's have consenting sex because I want to."

    It needs to be about consent. That's what you should be teaching. Not, "well, you know how they are... boys will be boys!"

    Boys are not sexually uncontrollable.
    Boys do not have a genetic, animalistic, violent nature.
    Boys are not born with a natural desire for destruction or control.

    Mayer says Principal Martinez did meet with her, but dodged most of her questions and then sent her back to class. The Polk County School District issued a statement that said "the district supports principals enforcing the dress code according to school board policy."
    - See more at: http://www.news965.com/news/news/local/lakeland-high-school-students-blog-stirs-national-/nct2D/#sthash.GF08KDUs.dpuf
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