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    Posted February 2, 2014 by
    Dublin, California

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    New Theory on the Stone in front of the Mars Rover:

    I am building a new theory on this article, as the available data caught on rovers camera and the scientists are saying that is a soft jelly kind of stone, but I think & believe that might be a sustainable Life on Mars can be possible (an ancient life / a kind of an alien body which contains a high chemical combination analyzed other than the Mars stones). That body might be rolled over or fly by object and might have the ability to cover its entire body with soft jelly kind of surface for self-protection (like a know example of Turtles on earth which appears as a stone / rock, here I have a small funny story happened in my childhood while crossing a river flow on the rocks I stepped on a stone and jumped out the water flow, there I felt a jerk that stone is moving, after reaching the other side of the river I am keep watching the stone where I got the jerk, to know the reason which is thrilling and scary too, that is moving again and finally I identify it’s a turtle, my observation and confirmation took an hour to mover out from that spot ).
    Once we have a capability to deep dive for dig down on Mars surface near the craters/lakes, we might found the evidence of life/ fossils for what scientists are looking (we are still having lot of un-earthed fossils or objects in our planet).
    And we believe that we are the most intelligent life in the Universe named as Humans, do we..? Yes of course, then where we came from..? (I am thinking about this question from my childhood, we came from far galactic distance..?).
    Yes, we are migrating/ traveling one place to another and one planet to another plant or the galactic distances, searching for secured life, better life style or life sustainability up to the maximum extend for our self as well as for our next generation kids, and we are extending / expanding/ passing our history, ideas, technology and property what we preserved or established, this is a kind of evolution cycle. To keep continue for all these further extensions we need Peace, Faith and Trust, do we..? No, we can see un-rest everywhere, are we approaching to end of the human phase journey..? (I believe we are in another phase of life cycle and it continues on some other planet).
    Too many thoughts and I would like to share to the next generation…
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