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    Downers Grove, Illinois
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    Severe weather

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    Mistakes You Should Avoid while driving in the snow

    You wake up on Sunday morning to find the roads blanketed in a thick carpet of snow. It's still too early for the snowplows to have gotten around to your small neighborhood, but you have to get to church and prepare for the worship service on time this morning. You're a little nervous about the commute, but you get in your car and begin your drive anyway.

    After a little while with no mishaps, you grow more confident and inch back up to your usual speed. The radio is playing your favorite jazz music, and the traffic conditions have you convinced that you won't be late. But now you're traveling down a hill toward a stoplight, and when you apply the brakes, you can feel that something's wrong. You're not coming to a smooth stop. Instead, you're slipping, and now the bumper of the car in front of you is alarmingly close -- right before you crash into it.

    To avoid becoming another statistic, there are some common errors you should know so you can steer clear of them.
    #1, Driving Too Fast
    #2, Slamming on the Brakes
    #3, Following Too Closely
    #4, Not Being Prepared
    #5, Thinking Your F-150 pick up truck Makes You Invincible

    Good luck!
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