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    Clown Makeup – A Few Tips to Get You Started


    If you are in the clown business then you probably look for great deals on quality clown makeup all of the time. Having the best product can really make a difference in how well you represent yourself. When you have to put something on your face and have it there for hours you want to make sure that you are using clown makeup that is going to stay looking fresh, is not going to run, and will not damage your skin. This also goes if you are putting the makeup on other people you want to use clown makeup that is well made and that will not damage your clients’ faces.


    Clown Makeup
    When you start your clown makeups shopping you want to make sure that you have an idea of what all you need. If you have been in the business for a while then you probably already know what you need and what the best products are and that will make your shopping quick and easy. However, if you are just getting started with clown makeup purchasing and application then doing your research online first is a great place to start. Even though you can find plenty of places to purchase your clown makeup but it may take you some time before you find the right greasepaint and setting powder that works best for your needs. By trying out different brands you can better get an idea of what you need for the next time you go makeup shopping.


    Clown Makeup
    The first part of figuring out what types of makeup you are going to need is to decide which type of clown face you are going to be painting. If you choose to do whiteface which is the traditional and most commonly done type of clown makeup then you will likely need plenty of makeup to do the whiteface, the features which are often done in red, blue or black. If you choose to go with the Auguste clown face then you may go for a pink or flesh colored or toned base. White makeup is placed around the eyes and mouth you will also need red or black makeup as well. You can also choose to go with the Tramp clown face which has a lot of white, clack or gray. Knowing the type of clown face that you are looking to portray can help you be focused when you start the makeup buying process and can really help you save money as you won’t be buying things that you do not need.


    When you start looking at clown makeup you may be tempted to go with the cheaper generic types of makeup but remember you may have to wear it for a long amount of time you also likely will not want to go for a water-based makeup either. Using professional brands like Ben Nye, Graftobian, Jim Howle, Kryolan, Mehron, Proknows are great options for quality makeup. Not only are you going to need makeup but you may also need to get tools to apply that makeup. You can purchase different brush sets that will have everything you need or separate brushes for different applications like a powder brush or a blush applicator. Using sponges to apply whiteface foundations is a great way to get the coverage and even coat that you are looking for.
    Purchasing brush holders and cleaners can also be helpful. If you are unsure of everything that you will need you can always purchase a clown makeup kit they have them for beginners and for people that have been in the game for a while. After you have your makeup you can start to buy your props, clown hair, hats, socks, and costumes so you can truly embody your clown persona!

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