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    Posted February 2, 2014 by
    Pasadena, California

    Pasadena Personal Trainer Reveals 3 Workouts To Lose Weight And Tone Up


    Hi, my name is Sean Prentice and I'm a personal trainer based out of Pasadena California.  In the 8 years that I have been a personal trainer, I've grown to realize that there are an infinite number of personal training exercises that are useful in specifically helping clients lose weight and tone up the entire body.  The truth is, I can write out a detailed article with some advanced exercises that are very effective in terms of losing weight but for most people they will be far too difficult and intimidating to do and as a result they won't be attempted.  So instead - I would rather provide you with some exercises that are less intimidating and ones that you're somewhat familiar with.  Now if done correctly, these workouts are worth their weight in gold.  Here are three effective exercises that I recommend all my clients perform.





    The squat is one of the best exercises to lose weight and to tone your body. It is also a difficult exercise to do correctly. It relies on the weight of the body (and training weights if used) to be effective. This maneuver can be done with no equipment at home.


    To do the move correctly, begin with your feet apart, slightly wider than your hip width. Your toes should point slightly outward. As you lower your body down smoothly, the back should not be arched. Keep your head up, and be sure that your knees do not extend past the tips of your toes. Your butt should extend well back beyond your heels. Lower yourself until your thighs are at least parallel to the floor and come back up. Abs should be tight throughout. If done correctly, this exercise should not give you knee pain.





    A properly done lunge works the glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings. To do this workout effectively, begin with your feet at shoulder width apart. Place the hands on the hips. Take one long forward step with one leg. The rear leg should remain in position, but come up on the toes. Lower the entire body so that the rear lower leg is parallel to the floor with the knee bent. The forward leg thigh should also be parallel to the floor. Do not allow the forward leg knee to extend beyond the tips of the toes. Step forward with the rear leg to finish the move. You can do lunges with or without weights.



    Push ups


    Pushups work the muscles beyond your chest. They are also useful to develop deltoids, triceps and pecs. As with other exercises you should perform them every other day, rather than ever day. To do this exercise, begin in a face down position resting on your hands and tips of your toes. Keep your eyes focused about three feet in front of you. The back should be flat and the hands at about shoulder width. Lower your entire body, keeping the arms tucked close to the body. At the lowest point the elbows should be at 45 degrees. Some trainers want you to actually touch the floor with the chest. Keep the core engaged and push back up explosively, while exhaling. Don't allow the butt to sag.




    The exercises listed above can be done on your own but if you want faster results and to have the guidance of a professional with more advanced workouts, then I recommend you contact us at http://www.smarterfatlosspersonaltraining.com to let us help you.





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