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    Superbowl Anything But Expensive Flop

    The Superbowl definitely started of badly for Payton Manning as the first hike of the game sailed over his head, and it only got worse from there. Unless you were a Broncos or Seahawks fans the usual Superbowl hype got boring pretty fast and viewer attention quickly turned to the entertainment Superbowl commercials usually provide, and the halftime show.

    The commercials aired during the first half of the game lacked the expected flair for most viewers, and maintained that level until the commercial with the Clydesdales appeared to provide some redemption, and a heart touching moment. When you consider the cost of just one minute of commercial air time during the heavily hyped Superbowl there was a lot of wasted money! When you talk about wasted money, the Superbowl was anything but super, but a very expensive flop instead.

    From the expense stand point there was a tremendous waste of taxpayer dollars at various levels just to provide security for a business/sporting event that ran into the millions... A huge waste of tax dollars! Then you have the expense of purchasing tickets, getting to the game, and dealing with the high costs of anything purchased in New York City. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the cost for such an event to take place. For all the cost what was given in exchange was a less than super football game that became one-sided so fast that Bronco fans left early, and viewers did pretty much the same after a very lack-luster halftime show that came up as short as Payton Manning going for a 1st down in the first half of the game. Then to add insult to injury most of the million dollar a minute commercials left the viewers wanting, equaling another nearly total waste of money. With all things considered one can only say the Superbowl was nothing more than an expensive flop for everyone else but the millionaires that hosted or played in this event. It would be interesting to know just how much it cost taxpayers of this nation to foot the security bill for this event??
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