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    Posted February 3, 2014 by
    Port Townsend, Washington

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    Kashmir Hill, Journalist used Forbes to knowingly Defame and Attack Blogger Crystal Cox. Kashmir Hill reported falsely on Crystal Cox and accused her of criminal activity knowing it was FALSE.


    Kashmir Hill of Forbes used the high profile name of Forbes to paint blogger Crystal Cox in false light, deliberately, to a world wide audience. The Obsidian v. Cox case threatens the long standing MONOPOLY in which Big Media such as Forbes has on Free Speech and on what is accepted in the eyes of society and our judicial system as "real news"; news that is protected by laws such as the Shield Law, Retraction Laws, and the First Amendment.

    The Crystal Cox case makes a powerful stand in the courts for the rights of ALL citizen journalists, investigative bloggers, and whistle blowers worldwide, and especially the United States. The Crystal Cox Case is a game changer and makes a firm stand that we are ALL Journalist NOW, and when we are reporting on our experience, what we research or know as individuals out here in the real world is real "news", and should be treated as such in a court of law.

    Blogs are, in a big way, News by the People for the People, and bloggers reporting on a story should have the same rights in our courts under the laws and the constitution, as traditional journalists and institutional press.


    There is no special license required to be "Media", a medium of communication, or a Journalist, anyone can work for, or start a local or national newspaper. Crystal Cox chose blogs as her Medium of Communication to the world over the outdated, old news, archaic print news.

    Journalists, such as Forbes Kashmir Hill should not have journalistic privilege and special rights in the courts to defame, ruin lives, lie about people and use the power of Forbes to carry out agendas, and retaliation for who she likes best or believe more, regardless of facts.

    Crystal Cox had worldwide support in her stand for these now infamous Free Speech Rights until Kashmir Hill of Forbes and other Co-Conspirators defamed Crystal Cox, and distorted the facts and the whole nature of the Obsidian v. Cox lawsuit. As well as twisted the intention, mission, and motive of Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox and her hundreds of blogs exposing corruption over the last decade.

    In December of 2011, just after the $2.5 Million dollar verdict against Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox that ruled that the First Amendment does not apply to Blogger Crystal Cox, nor does Shield Laws, Anti-Slapp Laws or Retraction Laws; Kashmir Hill, Forbes Journalist interviewed Plaintiff Kevin D. Padrick of Obsidian Finance Group regarding the Obsidian v. Cox case. Kashmir Hill, to this day, has never spoke with or interviewed Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.


    Kashmir Hill reported that Crystal Cox had been under investigation by the Oregon Attorney General and that when this did not work, Kevin Padrick, Obsidian Finance Group then got their attorney David Aman of Tonkon Torp law firm to sue Crystal Cox. A quick Freedom of Information request to the Oregon Attorney General says that Crystal Cox did not have so much as a consumer complaint, and certainly NOT a criminal complaint of any kind.


    Kaskmir Hill did not BOTHER this quick check and instead she chose to publicly defame, state with malice, that Crystal Cox had been under investigation, this is against the law, however, Forbes and Kashmir Hill seems to have special journalistic privileges to defame, lie about, ruin the life of whom ever they choose with total disregard to the rights of those they are reporting on or the facts of the matter at hand.

    This first article was riddled with wrong information, as you see in the link below in the lawsuit Crystal Cox filed against Forbes.



    Later in December of 2011, Kashmir Hill's buddy Marc Randazza, Randazza Legal Group was acting as my, Crystal Cox's, lawyer. Kashmir Hill knew Marc Randazza from when she worked at "AboveTheLaw.com", Breaking Media, Inc. How well she knew him, knows him, or their friendship, business connection I do not know in detail.

    Shortly after Marc Randazza told members of the First Amendment Bar that he represented Crystal Cox, and was negotiating some deal with Plaintiff Obsidian Finance Group, and their attorney David Aman of Tonkon Torp, a deal in which Crystal Cox, the client, had no knowledge of, Crystal Cox FIRED Marc Randazza.

    After this, Kashmir Hill, Forbes Journalist interviewed First Amendment Attorney Marc Randazza and still did not contact Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox, and the next thing we see is "Media", Forbes, defaming, attacking, and flat our maliciously lying about Crystal Cox. Forbes Journalist Kashmir Hill painted Crystal Cox out to be an Extortionist, a Criminal and someone who attacked a 3 year old, the child of attorney Marc Randazza. When in Truth, Crystal Cox is an Anti-Corruption blogger and was exposing corruption in the courts and was NOT guilty of, under investigation for, on trial for, or participating in any criminal activity, extortion or "attacks" on a child in any way.


    Kashmir Hill, Reporter, even made this poor child collateral damage in her attack on me, Crystal Cox, by posting her photo, and flat out lied about Crystal Cox writing online about this child, as Crystal Cox never did that and Kashmir Hill simply listened to Marc Randazza of Randazza Legal Group, Cox's former attorney and did not fact checking what so ever.


    The entire WORLD picked up Forbes articles and though Kashmir Hill of Forbes did no fact checking, did not interview Crystal Cox, and knowingly published false information which clearly makes Forbes and Kashmir Hill liable under defamation law, well she is protected by the courts.


    So far all of these folks are "Above the Law". And though it is clear that Kevin Padrick, Marc Randazza and Kashmir Hill maliciously DEFAMED blogger Crystal Cox after she already had a $2.5 million dollar judgement, they remain to be protected by the courts in which do not give equal rights to bloggers and journalists.


    Here is the Judicial Ruling that Shield Laws, Retraction Laws, Anti-SLAPP Laws and EVEN the First Amendment Does not apply to  Investigative Blogger Crystal Cox.

    "OPINION: Based on the evidence presented at the time of trial, I conclude that plaintiffs are not public figures, defendant is not "media," and the statements at issue were not made on an issue of public concern. Thus, there are no First Amendment implications. Defendant's other defenses of absolute privilege, Oregon's Shield Law, Oregon's Anti-SLAPP statute, and Oregon's retraction statutes, are not applicable. See 13-page opinion attached. Signed on 11/30/2011 by Judge Marco A. Hernandez. Copy of opinion mailed and emailed to defendant."


    Full Judicial Order, Click Below



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