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    Life in China

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    Magnificent City-Shanghai

    Shanghai is like New York city and Paris combined and on steroids. It is the definition of a mega city. In Shanghai the buildings seem even taller, the crowds seem larger and there are hoards of people everywhere. If you stand at a busy intersection here at rush hour you will literally see a sea of people walking towards or away from you. Look up and you will see huge buildings towering over you. It is exciting, urban, hip, modern and still a bit traditional. Shanghai is where all the cool kids in China choose to live and where they have perfected the art of balancing western and eastern traditions with brilliant results.

    The minimal amount of time you need in Shanghai is 10 full days. There is plenty to see and experience in this dynamic city!
    Shopping in Shanghai must be one of life's most delightful experiences. This is the home to many a mall and many a store, but more importantly it is the home to countless original designers; finding something unique is not very hard.

    The food in Shanghai is eclectic and scrumptious. There are numerous wonderful restaurants with world renowned chefs working diligently in the kitchens creating world class gastronomical experiences.
    The Yu Yuan Gardens date from the second half of the 16th century ( just a minute away from my parents house) and in a way they could serve as an escape away from the busy city, however only if you manage to visit at an 'off peak' time (usually just before the gardens close at 6pm, Your walk will then be a delight for your eyes with beautiful flowers, bamboo, ponds and carvings to admire.
    At sunrise or sunset you have an opportunity to find peace and relaxation in many of Shanghai's city parks. At Zong Sang Park members of the older generation take some time to practice tai chi, Chinese traditional instruments Ar Hu and Pi Pa or fight their shadows in slow motion with silver swords.

    Perhaps the most well known area in Shanghai is The Bund. It is Shanghai's famous river side promenade where you can admire some of the city's best views. The Huang pu River divides Shanghai into 2: Pu xi and Pu dong. Pu xi is where you will probably spend most of your time. It is the oldest side of the city, its former financial and festive district from the 1930's and 40's. Pu dong, across the river, is Shanghai's newest modern financial hub. There you will find, among other things, the famous Oriental Pearl Tower.

    Shanghai-The magnificent city was rich from trading opium, silk and tea and thus attracted the most powerful financial institutions and individuals from around the world

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