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    Tallahassee, Florida
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    Debate: Debate me this!


    Ah, debate. What a noble concept on which to perch one's beliefs. 'Tis in the interest of the general citizenry to debate issues. It is where we exchange views...and defend them. And, let us not forget, attack other's viewpoints. Please understand, it is the nature of debate to undercut arguments. Flaws must be explored. Oh my, how some are "motivated" when their "pony" gets roughed up. Some folks live for those moments while others simply take them as the natural process of "getting to the bottom of things." Yes, soon the "truth" may be discerned but not necessarily believed. For truths are the inner pillars of our private world. This doesn't make them true. It means we believe them to be true. And, let me say, I sincerely respect *your* right to say these "truths." I defend your right to speak. But verily, I disagree with what you've said. Therefore, I rebut thee.


    May I engage with the perceived tone?


    Yes, it is generally expected to respond in kind. Kinda customary. Sometimes, politeness goes a long way. Usually, not. Arguing kinda does that.


    May I make jokes about your position?


    Depends, golden opportunities usually get taken. Sometimes, decency is in order. Sarcastic jokes are a staple.


    What of honesty, honor and integrity?


    I *do* try to keep up to date on information. I agree, some people do not know when they're wrong. However, this does not prevent the adamant defense of that which they believe to be right, regardless of how wrong I think it to be. I respect your right to be wrong.


    And, what of truth, justice and the American Way?


    The truth is justice belongs to those leading the American Way.


    Why is it we have the same debates over and over?


    Clearly, it is because someone didn't listen the last time.


    We will grind some grist. Rehash some old ideas to get folks thinking instead of bleating. I was thinking of doing them all at once; then, I decided, maybe this pig should be roasted slowly. I like pork.


    New iReports will apear on each topic of interest to all Americans. Feel free to suggest a starting point. The last topic is already decided. It is election/political reform and the Machiavellian Republic.

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