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    Posted February 3, 2014 by
    St.Louis park, Minnesota
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    Single mom going thru Horror of losing and fighting for her 19 month old baby unjusticely.


    Attn:Mothe​rs Nightmare

    December,31st 2013 Monday morning .Mother Caroline drops Lily Henry off for Daughters court order visit and not realizing she wont see her Baby anymore.19 month old removed from a mother .receives a text from biological father of baby." paretal rights have been removed." No investigation has been done.No child protection where called.Just accusations.What has this County and State of Minnesota come too. Mother even wrote a letter to president Obama in disappointment and lack of trust with how she has been treated both as a mother and as human being.Heart broken loss of her child.she has done everything as Hard working mother who does for her baby very best every day.Mother may haven't much money .But she loves that little girl so very much and is with her morning noon and night .yet a father who,as soon as a Mother notifys him she is pregnant .He replys in 2011 October.He seys "welcome to single mother hood" He also states I don't want anything to do with you or the unborn baby.Is there anyway of getting a abortion.You ruined my bachelor pad life .Mother goes through 9 months alone in pregnancy.There has been kind people along way helping her like giving her a ride and being an ear. with close friends by her side Cindy Parker ,and many others.The father only complains of child support and Than switches it to say Mother refuses to let him see Lily Henry whom is now 19 months old .He refuses to introduce the mother to his mother and Need I say this guy she only met once.How one night can change your life for 18 years is crazy .yet Mother whome has done a lot and been through a ton .Courts and others in justice system fail her and haven't had her back neither listen.What has this society come too. They give kids to folks who do drugs yet take from a mother who has done nothing but love her child.She has psuedoprohypothyridism which is rare and they also use that as a crutch .They went off accusation clothing sizes on baby two sizes too small, feeds donuts every day to her ,and doesn't bath her.How un true and how can they believe a guy who has not step foot in our lives .and isn't with us everyday.So where is the Justice.The Family Justice Center say they are trying to keep families togather .I do not believe neither do I see that.Mother has asked for bro bono help from Tubman "its because of matrital status and lack of evidence that Tubam legal services wouldn't help.So mother goes back out there searching for a lawyer to help her.Even MN Disability Legal Aid turned her down.No help ! Mother who has been with her baby every day till December,31st 2013 How can This be done to Women .Its Felony to Discriminate and its wrong to child for un truths.I have not seen or have heard my daughters voice for a month now.This is News of a Mother who has been through hell and back because one night she thought was real turned out to be a nightmare and continues.Mother cries every night ,no sleep , Mother picks up everything to fight for her daughter .She was staying at 206 2nd st.sw,Dodge Center,MN 55927 .Now stay with Step dad and brother but fights every day till a miracle of her daughters return comes .yet no justice yet.Where is there Justice.,Sign,Caroline Conklin

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