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    Dr. Michael Goldberg Offers Best Alternative for Dentures and Bridges




    Dr. Michael Goldberg, dental implants dentist in New York, NY, is now offering permanent dental implants as a better alternative for denture wearers and those with bridges for a healthy, strong, and long-lasting smile. While dental implants are traditionally used to restore the smiles of those with immediate teeth loss, they are also a viable alternative for patients who have worn dentures or bridges for several years.

    Dental implants are some of the latest dental technology for smile restorations. For the estimated 20 million Americans who rely on dentures or bridges for everyday function after tooth loss, dental implants offer more convenience, more comfort, and a certain boost in self-confidence.

    “Dental implants are one of the most life-changing procedures we offer at our practice,” said Dr. Michael Goldberg. “This technology is allowing our patients to look and feel like they have natural teeth again, and get that part of their life back that was consumed by artificial oral appliances.”

    Denture wearers must rely on cumbersome adhesive pastes and strips in order to use their devices properly. But even with the adhesives, dentures commonly become loose, broken, cause pain, and prevent patients from eating a well-balanced diet. With dental implants, patients can live just as they did before tooth loss.

    Dental implants are designed to be similar to the natural structure of a tooth. To complete the process, Dr. Goldberg first makes a small incision in the patient’s gums to insert tiny metal studs or screws in the jawbone. Those studs are given several weeks to heal and fuse with the bone in a process called Osseointegration. Once completed, Dr. Goldberg then attaches porcelain crowns to the implant that have been custom designed according to the patient’s preferences. After the procedure is complete, patients are free to eat whatever foods they want and can brush and floss their implants just like natural teeth.

    In addition to providing dental implants, Dr. Michael Goldberg is a preferred Invisalign dentist in New York, NY to help patients improve their smile without bulky wire braces. Dr. Goldberg is also a trained sedation dentist in New York, NY for those seeking a more relaxing dental visit.

    Dr. Goldberg is a nationally-known dentist with more than 35 years of experience. He completed his dental education at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine and afterwards served for two years as the Director of General Practice Residency Program at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center. He is the author of “What the Tooth Fairy Didn’t Tell You,” a consumer guide for choosing the best dentistry services in Manhattan. Dr. Goldberg is highly involved in continuing education in dentistry to ensure that he can always provide his patients with the latest advances in dental care.

    To learn more about Dr. Michael Goldberg and the dental implant services he offers at Manhattan Dental Health, please visit http://www.manhattandentalhealth.com and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDGDYUkHxAY.

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