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    Posted February 4, 2014 by

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    04th – Feb – 2014
    I am very worried about the below mentioned journalist whom I had a fruitful and courageous discussion with. I want to report that the journalist in question might be missing, intimidated or even assassinated. All means of communication with the poor journalist are literally non existence. This is a very serious and worrisome development. The Journalist community should begin searching for one of their own just to be sure that all is well and rosy. Please read our correspondence below:
    “From: Thomas Bekel (thomas.bekel@gmx.de)
    Sent: Sat 12/21/13 9:45 PM
    To: mohabello@hotmail.com


    Dear Mohammed,


    My name is Thomas Bekel, I am journalist and freelancer, who works for SPIEGEL ONLINE from Deutschland.


    I have read your article at CNN about Citigroup's money laundering issues and financial corruption. It could be great material for our edition and I would love to get more details from you on it and to arrange sophisticated story about it.


    My questions below:


    1) Have you ever faced with discrimination from one of the US banks before? Was Citi the first bank which abused you?
    2) Did you have own money in this bank? Did they freeze it or what exactly did they do against you?
    3) How is your situation now? Was it solved? Did you received any official response from any officials?
    4) What are the most famous banks in your country? Is Citi the biggest one? How about your national banks?


    It would be really great and helpful, if you can provide me any answers on them, as our readers are really interested in such kinds of stories, especially in Middle East / African countries, as it makes sense, it will be highly appreciated.


    Have a wonderful day!
    Thomas Bekel
    Freelancer / Journalist
    +49 7589 44 42”


    Please continue with my reply:


    “From: Mohammed .I Bello (mohabello@hotmail.com)
    Sent: Mon 12/23/13 1:40 AM
    To: Thomas Bekel (thomas.bekel@gmx.de)


    Dear Thomas,


    Thank you very much for your concern. Your help is most appreciated. You will definitely have a fraudulent story at Citigroup to report on. I will try and answer your questions to the best of my ability after which I will send you subsequent e-mails with attached documents detailing my struggle to unravel the “Inheritance, Bank and Company Fraud” unleashed on my family by Citigroup.


    (1) As the only operating American bank in Nigeria, Citigroup is the only US bank that abused me and disrespectfully disregarded the request of the Central Bank Governor of Nigeria for reconciliation on the inheritance fraud at Citigroup at Headquarters in Lagos, Nigeria.


    (2) After my late father’s sudden death I was required to open an account with Citigroup along with 27 members of my family. My late father had 3 wives, 10 male children and 15 female children. My late father had an oil/chemical business partnership with Kurita GMBH, a Japanese chemical company with a base in Germany. Citigroup was his preferred banker for his export business up to the time of his death.


    As a believing and practising Muslim, the Sharia law of Inheritance Sharing was used in dividing my late father’s estate to his family. All his monies and assets were supposed to be gathered and presented to his family and the Sharia court of the state. Our eldest brother, Suleiman Ibrahim Bello was trusted with the task - a trust that would be abused more so at Citigroup. In fraudulently co-opting with Suleiman, Citigroup Nigeria and Citigroup London hide and stole over 90% of my late father’s estate at their bank, while declaring less than 10% of his estate to his family and Sharia court of Inheritance Sharing.


    (3) My situation is not dire but OK. I feed, I have a roof on my head, I have clothing and I pray. I make money from rents of declared properties of my inheritance. Notwithstanding, the brutal inheritance theft at Citigroup must be exposed before more victims are devoured.


    As I am writing you, our hidden and stolen inheritance at Citigroup continues to remain a mystery. Citigroup has no intention of resolving the situation as it exposes the fraudulent theft in their bank.


    I received 4 responses from Citigroup, two from Citigroup Nigeria, the remaining two from Citigroup London. The responses were negative, arrogant, cowardly boastful, cowardly ruthless and racist. If I were an American or European I would never had been humiliated by Citigroup for demanding my family’s inheritance.


    (4) The five top national/indigenous commercial banks in Nigeria are:- Guaranty trust Bank, First Bank of Nigeria, United Bank for Africa, Zenith Bank and Eco Bank. There are 15 indigenous commercial banks in total. Citigroup is the biggest foreign bank followed by Standard Charted Bank. Citigroup also serves as a corresponding bank to most of the indigenous banks in Nigeria.


    To further give a more detailed elaborative view of the Inheritance fraud at Citigroup, I will be sending you subsequent e-mails with attached documents.


    Enjoy the holiday season!


    Mohammed .I. Bello, +234-80-33117090 -
    No. 6, Zoo Road, Kano. Nigeria”


    The e-mail below was the last time I heard from him. Please read on:


    “From: Thomas Bekel (thomas.bekel@gmx.de) This sender is in your contact list.


    Sent: Mon 12/30/13 3:13 PM
    To: mohabello@hotmail.com


    Dear Mohamad,


    Possibly you have some additional information to your story? Plan to publish it next week.


    Thank you!”


    I sure hope this courageous, daring and adventurous journalist is safe. I would love to hear from him and be assured he is well and kicking. I hope he is not a casualty of his honourable and prestigious work.


    Mohammed Ibrahim Bello

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