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    culture of cohabitation

    We live in a globalized world where 159 nations are member of the World Trade Organization.

    In this inter connected environment financial condition of countries are affected by each other . Because of multinational companies , export driven economy and common currency like Euro development and recession , inflation and deflation are shared by member countries .

    Since each nation has their own rules and regulations Foreign Direct Investment ( FDI) is a matter of discussion . Not only a talk at least in India it has become a business of roaring .

    The type of people who react are : first , those who might have education but totally ignorant of world affairs , die hard , they do not have a vision for progress , they are bound within a limited space , they are intolerant , so they know only to express their negative reaction . Even they do not understand or know the real history or extensive culture of the land they are born in .

    Second , type of clamours are acrimonious opportunists . When they get a chance never let it go but for political or any selfish reason oppose it .

    The last group can be called imitating fools . They follow what others are saying and doing . They do not have their own brain to think and act .

    The above mentioned people are all avaricious for foreign brands but divide the society on nationalism , skin color etc . They boast of any Indian origin astronaut or noble laureate who is a citizen of USA or any other country but never give space to grow talents here while those nations invent , nurture and recognize them . These people are proud of any overseas far relative yet they are against FDI or any such things .

    The above picture shows and proves maturity , intelligence of a vegetable vendor . His small shop is adjacent to a big super market . How beautifully he has adopted the the culture of co-habitation , invested small amount of money buying few slates hanged them over each vegetable writing it’s price so, there is no scope of bargaining . His business and the big super market they are doing well . Any objection ?

    Bottom line is these miscreants should be ignored and avoided .
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