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    Posted February 4, 2014 by
    BANGKOK, Thailand

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    By Anonymous Army
    Feb 3, 2014

    Dissecting the plot to betray Ko Tee at Lak Si: He through it would be simple but he ran into a lion and was severely mauled.

    To expose an evil plot of a mafia gang from a red government and the man in Dubai during the clash of Feb 1, 2014, it must be divulged as follows:


    On Jan 31, 2014, at 2230, an undercover agent sent signal that Ko Tee received an order to deliberately create a situation whereby he would besiege and clash with Luang Poo Buddha Isara at Lak Si Administrative Office in Bangkok. He would gather his force that included Pathumthani, Don Muang, Lak Si, Saphan Mai, and some other independent redshirts. There would also be Lad Krabang redshirts led by Kovit to join them at the stage in front of National Monument at 1100. They would then mobilize their troops and reassemble at noon at Tung Songhong Housing Project. This caused a colorless and nameless gentleman to immediately ready his unit to heavily counter them and the killing unit of these outlaws in black with BB guns.

    On Feb 1, 2014, a spy met with the man in Dubai. He was having lunch with his new girlfriend at a food center in Singapore. That was instantly a confirmation signal that misfortune would soon befall.


    At the set time of 1100-1200, Ko Tee and Yim Ta Swang mobilized their red- and white-shirt troops, and headed for Lak Si Administrative Office. They were fully armed and carried sticks with papers attached. They had Men in Black wearing robber hats as their defense force.

    At 1140, the Ko Tee gang arrived at Lak Si Temple. Ko Tee got on stage to address and arouse the crowd. He cooked up misinformation about Men in Green [military officials] staging a coup to fool those enraged redshirts. Waranchai, another ringleader, also showed up to incite them. Red-white ribbons were tied on them as symbols.

    The Ko Tee gang of about 500 with sticks and steel pipes moved to the front of Lak Si Plaza.

    Protestors from People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) settled around Lak Si Administrative Office.

    Lak Si Office Administrators ordered female staff to go home because the mafia gang was approaching.

    Ko Tee announced the mobilization of this troops to combat while his team was distributing handy sticks, each with a piece of paper with hand-written “Go To Vote” attached. He taunted Buddha Isara that his robe would certainly be blown off.

    About 400 of Men in Black stationed themselves in 3 spots—at Chaeng Wattana 10 Rd., 100 in front of IT Square, and another 100 in front of Lak Si Temple. They allowed Ko Tee’s group to easily move through.

    At 1430, 150 Men in Green from the 11th Infantry Battalion who received order to safeguard the monk, women and the PDRC mass, arrived at Lak Si Administrative Office.

    At 1517, Luang Poo Buddha Isara told women and children to evacuate into Lak Si Administrative Office away from those redshirts for their safety.

    At the same time, another PDRC mass from Lat Phrao junction mobilized to join and help Buddha Isara. They brought in 10 vehicles. They were shot at by the Ko Tee gang so only 3 could break through.

    At 1555, Men in Green announced repeatedly to PDRC demonstrators to take refuge in the Lak Si Administrative Office. They then readied their formation to wait for Ko Tee’s group.

    Ko Tee was in a van while a uniformed Man in Black was on the phone with another Man in Black from the Thai Arsonists Party. They were planning and dividing up tasks. The plan was that the Men in Black would raid the Lak Si Administrative Office and took election equipment. As for Ko Tee, he would attack the protestors with weapons while those Men in Black were taking their actions.

    Subsequently, there were a large number of Men in Black and Ko Tee’s mass arriving and surrounding them. They negotiated to get the ballot boxes.

    Men in Green went straight ahead to banish Men in Black. They declared loudly, “It’s because having Men in Black is like not having you. Courageous Men in Green like us will guard people ourselves.” This caused Men in Black to retreat.

    Every single one of Ko Tee’s cronies with firearms was singled out and targeted.


    At 1540, Ko Tee’s group fired about 3 shots into PDRC protestors from Lat Phrao in Chaeng Wattana area. Nobody was harmed because they were far away. However, some uniformed Men in Black told people nearby that the sound was from firecrackers so they should not be alarmed.

    At 1600, Ko Tee’s group began to beat up people and smash their vehicles with flag symbols in front of IT Square. This mall is affiliated with the son of the man in Dubai.

    They swarmed a Toyota Camry and smashed it not knowing a Man in Green from the 12th Infantry Regiment was inside. It was this moment when Jad called his subordinates and told them to help Ko Tee escape by getting him a taxicab.

    The red gang threw a bomb from an expressway but it fell on a vehicle that belonged to them. Some of their own were injured.

    At 1601, four bombs blasted at Lak Si intersection and 4 people were injured. The wounded took refuge inside a traffic booth at the intersection.

    The red gang fired their weapons, and threw their ping pong and bottle bombs from a building, an overpass, and a toll way.

    The red gang fried ping pong bombs with slingshots across a bridge. However, they missed and the bombs landed behind a PDRC audio-equipped vehicle.

    Men in Black got out off a van and fired into PDRC crowd. Some of them bombarded the crowd with revolvers to help Ko Tee. There were news correspondents who clearly saw that. They hid behind and next to a pizza place in front of IT Square building. The rest did not dare to quell this. They just said they feared being caught in crossfire.

    At 1630, the well-prepared colorless and nameless men (not associated with PDRC) positioned themselves at their assigned spots by a railroad track and on traffic islands. They laid out their forces in an ambush fashion with their targeting and tactical units. They ceaselessly bombarded the reds with BB guns concealed in popcorn bags with precision and superior expertise. About 4 in Ko Tee’s gang were wounded.

    Sound of rapid gunfire interspersed with blasts continued thunderously as if this was Lebanon. People dodged and squat. The IT Square Mall announced that it was closed.

    Two Men in White were shot and brought to Vibhavadi Hospital. There were also news correspondents and protestors lightly injured from Ko Tee’s giant firecrackers.

    At 1720, there were several hundred of people hiding from the hail of bullets on overpasses and down below in the mall. There were also wounded women taking refuge there for first aid.

    At 1745, the evil armed Men in Black who looked every inch like PDRC protestors disguised themselves among them. They went straight in to assault Luang Poo. When they got within 5 meters, a Colonel in Green and guards were able to block them. They mobilized every piece of “Thai musical instruments” to squash them from head to toe and apprehended them. The men had official identifications and those were handed over to the Men in Green who detained and interrogated them in an unforgettable manner.

    After Ko Tee’s gang was betrayed and mauled into unrecognizable pieces, it retreated to the front of the IT Square Mall and began to disintegrate with a loss of form.


    At 1745, after about 1-2 hours of the incident, fully armed Men in Green from the 11th Infantry Battalion cleared the area. They closed down the bridge used to cross the intersection so traffic could not go through. They announced through an audio-equipped vehicle, “Do not clash with them. Men in Green will take care of you. Men in Green will get rid of them.” They helped foreign journalists and photographers stuck in the Lak Si police booth out of the area where the shootout was.

    At 1845, Luang Poo Buddha Isara and the people were safe. They said their evening prayer as the sound of gunfire outside quieted. The Men in Green from the 11th Infantry Battalion tightly controlled the area and slept there with them.

    At 0000, Ko Tee gang sneakily sent 2 backbiting minions in. They shot and wounded a woman walking by Lak Si Administrative Office from the IT Square Building. The Men in Green and several dozens of guards descended upon those two. They clobbered them with BB gun handgrip, pieces of wood imitation, their feet and fists without restraint till they were unconscious. They were captured with their rifles and their relatives would probably not see the faces of these two vicious men anymore. They were going to take a long break at the sea according to the news.

    Later on, the Man in Black who was also the Metropolitan Police Chief had a press conference regarding the clash between PDRC and redshirts in Lak Si intersection. He insisted that it was not in connection with Ko Tee, the Pathumthani redshirt ringleader…huh…just listen to the dude.

    Thereupon, the spokesman of Men in Green countered that the group using firearms was Ko Tee’s gathering in front of IT Square Mall and in the Lak Si Temple area. Officials clearly indicated that use of arms was initiated by the group in front of IT Square. After that, both sides countered each other back and forth with firearms. Traces of weapons being used from several directions were found at the scene.

    If there had not been the colorless and nameless man and his executing unit directed at criminals in black to safeguard innocent people that day, they would have been used as a tool by the man in Dubai, the red mafia gang, the evil parties of Men in Black, and the Ko Tee gang to create situation. Several of them would have been wounded, killed and sacrificed. The situation would have been used as an excuse to stage a coup on themselves to drop all the charges and maintain their authority further. However, the criminals’ plan was totally miscarried… There was not even one death and only 7 wounded.

    “How would a stupid sparrow be able to discern the thought of an eagle?” He does not say much but he is sharp. He is not evil like those in the red party that brought Cambodians in to kill fellow Thais.

    In the ancient time, Lord Buddha had five disciples to protect him… So why would people not have a colorless and nameless man to protect them too?

    Notation: Aide-de-camp would like to not show the image of the colorless and nameless man because a lot of people have probably already seen him.
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