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    House Sitting is Changng the Face of International Travel Forever

    There is a growing trend in travel happening across the globe, that to date has largely gone unnoticed… until now.

    Most people have never heard of the concept of house sitting, let alone realize that they no longer have to pay for accommodation to stay in a place for a holiday or a 'Staycation' experience… they can actually stay for free through house sitting.

    More and more people are realizing the benefits of house sitting and are fast waking up to the fact that they can enjoy free accommodation all around the world, either as a short holiday experience or full-time as a modern nomad.

    House sitting is where you look after people’s pets and home while they are away, in return for free accommodation. Yes an international babysitter of all things dogs, cats, birds, horses and any other weird and wonderful pet variety people co-habitat with.

    Currently there are house sitting opportunities in more than 50 countries across the globe.

    Actually there are so many house sitting opportunities coming through that it is easy to travel the world from house sit to house sit and never have to pay for accommodation or utilities to live.

    In fact it is cheaper to travel the world through house sitting than it is to live in a fixed location. I know as I am a full-time international house sitter myself, and have enjoyed all these wonderful benefits for the past year in seven different countries.

    But there are many others that are using house sitting for various reasons.

    Retirees are also waking up to house sitting and using it to travel to all the destinations they have always wanted to go, no matter what their budget.

    Even potential expats who are looking to move to a new country are first using house sitting to spend time in the location as a local, in a local house, where they can fully check out the place and the quality of services there, while getting to know neighbors and friends. Rather than just having a holiday in the place, where you look out of a hotel room and experience only a week or two perhaps, house sitting is enabling people to spend longer there to do all their research without it costing them anything.

    There are many people who are now using house sitting for various reasons, and the free accommodation hook is sure to keep this new travel trend alive for a very long time to come.

    Natalie Smith
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