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    Posted February 4, 2014 by
    Fullerton, California
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    Ask.fm a better or worse place?

    You have just got a really surprising news about an information and you want to share it but where would you share it? Social media is a true and best answer for all the information being shared by millions of user each day but is it really safe? Social media like Facebook, promise their user of great privacy but is it true?

    Facebook has been growing each day with more that 2 billion people being their account holders in Facebook. Where there is Facebook, the dominator of social media market, there is Ask.fm, a slowly growing social media app and website. Ask.fm is a surveying app as it can be seen due to the reason that users of this company can ask each other question but is it safe?

    At first, to see if ask.fm is truly a safe app as it has been promised by the owners, I created an account to test it and see the mystery hidden in the treasure of ask.fm. I had heard in the news about cyber-bullying in ask.fm but "how does this happen?", was a question I wanted to experiment. I started looking at the automated question and started answering it but soon I was not getting automated question, my inbox was soon feeling with messages some from my friends while some from anonymous people.

    Secondly, during the phase of being an ask.fm member I discovered that cyber-bullies targeted their victims with a way that was total ridiculous. Ask.fm had given its member rights to ask questions anonymously which resulted in increasing of cyber-bullying and suicide rate. This right were soon cancelled by ask.fm owners to make it safer but a big mistake was achieved and it was that users who wanted to misuse the right given by ask.fm did not update their app which still has not halted the process of cyber-bullying.

    Next, even though cyber-bullying kept increasing the users are more aware now and are using steps like blocking anonymous questions for forever from their account but does this work? Cyber-bullies are people that are always in search of new ideas for attacking their victims and they will never stop in the same way they are now creating fake accounts to target bully. Now how can the user protect themselves?

    Finally, parents are being aware of this deadly attack of the bullies and are trying to protect their children but who knows what happens in these sites. Most teenagers that are the victims of bullying have confessed that they have never informed their parents about being cyber bullied. So how can we stop this attack, there is only one way and that is being aware, and reporting cyber-bullying incident to the responsible official.

    In conclusion, cyber-bullying has been result of many suicides but how much more?
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