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    Posted February 4, 2014 by
    Seattle, Washington

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    Suicide jokes are not funny


    This is for the people that pretend to shoot themselves in the head to express what they are feeling. And for the people that express frustrations by saying things like “I want to find the tallest building” or “I could just kill myself.” I have a message for you: Your joke is not funny - it's dangerous.


    To be completely honest, I used to make jokes about suicide too.  I also used to describe something off-putting by saying it was gay or retarded. But making fun of people, whether they’re homosexuals, disabled or even if they are thinking about suicide, just isn’t funny – it is harmful. Why? Keep reading...


    Statistics show that most everyone will experience periods of anxiety, sadness and despair at some point in their life that may lead them to think about suicide. For someone who is contemplating suicide, even if it is just that one passing thought, they are not encouraged to seek help by hearing your jokes.


    We need to be able to talk about our feelings of depression openly, and we need to encourage each other to seek prefessional help. I hear fewer references today about something being gay or retarded. Hopefully the way that we joke about suicide will catch up with these realizations, too.


    Some may complain that this is being too politically correct. But is trying not to offend people such a bad thing; especially when it has the potential to hurt them? Wouldn’t you rather live in a world that is considerate and compassionate toward others?

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