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    Yesterday I went to Chelsea District Court to watch a few of my youth participate in a Mock Trial. I was amazed by the knowledge and passion these teens demonstrated on a case that wasn't even real. On my way home I realized the struggle one of my youth Matt is going through. He is 18 years old and is part of the Mock Trial of his school. He is an immigrant from Brazil. He goes to an American school, plays soccer for this American school. He participates in extracurricular activities at this American school. He goes to an American church and volunteers as an Usher. He welcomes Americans and illegal immigrants into the American church the same. He ushers the Americans and illegal immigrants to the opens seats in our church, because our American church is not set up in sections. He works for American Eagle and is a salesperson for Americans and illegal immigrants. He is a great salesperson and has received praise from his American bosses (the CEO of American Eagle). Matt knows the clothes he is selling were not made in the United States, but so does everyone else. These clothes add jobs and economic growth to America. Matt just bought his first car, with the money he saved from working hard and being responsible. Matt was able to get his drivers license under the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act. Matt was able to get his job under this same law. He is a great example of a success story under this law. But this is only a temporary fix. His temporary residency status will expire within 6 years. When Matt's friends are figuring out what they want to do after high school, they think of an unlimited period of time. Matt's future can only be within a 6 year time frame, because he was born in Brazil and the US does not have permanent immigration laws that take into account kids being brought into our county by relatives. Matt would have to go to a foreign country and attempt to get back into the US.

    The US has always had an immigration problem. We are very selective with who we let become of our American story. Albert Einstein is a great example. I am the first person to claim him as an American, because he was. My best friend (who is German) disagrees with my statement. We knew that this brilliant immigrant could bring so much to our American dream. Immigration reform will not take this away. If we have a law that allows us to carefully select immigrants to become part of our American dream, we could move on from this subject. Immigrants can move on with their lives, whether here in the United States or another country.

    We must realize that immigrants are people. They are no different than you and me. They were just born in another area on our planet. These statements bring me back to women's right, racial segregation and interracial marriage.

    When I see comments like "180000+ illegal immigrants in the state of Massachusetts chew on that for a little while.... It's what your taxes are going to" I can't help but think how misinformed our society is. It is easy to hate the things you do not understand. Imagine how many American jobs these illegal immigrants have created. Remember illegal immigrants eat, shop, shower, go to the movies and do everything else we all do. It isn't free for illegal immigrants. Also, the only benefits illegal immigrants receive are emergency room visits, in-state tuition and any other state mandated services or processes. Illegal immigrants are unable to get government student loans. Schools benefit with the in-state tuition because it increases revenues to keep tuition down for all, with more people going to their schools and our communities benefiting from our educated well informed citizens and non-citizens. So just think of a tourist or even an exchange student, from another country coming to Massachusetts, which millions do, they would get the same emergency room treatment, because it is the law. Driver license will not take a single dollar from our taxes, EVERYONE has to PAY for their license. Illegal immigrants could then get car insurance, which will add American jobs and keep uninsured motorist off the street. Do you know how many times I am in court and the judges are lenient with illegal immigrants that were arrested for driving without a license? The court could come down harder when illegal immigrants have the ability to get a license and they don't.

    My D.A.R.E. officer from elementary school said "If you don't agree with the law, work to change it. Until it is changed, while many may not agree, the people breaking the law are criminals. (Definition of criminal - one who breaks the law, one who commits a crime)" My reply was "We are all criminals then. How often do you go over the speed limit. How often do we through away card board or paper,when a local ordinance requires it to be recycled. It is easy to say that they are criminals, but it is easy for us to be criminals as well. “Let the one of you that is sinless be the first to throw a stone at her.”John 8:7..his is the first step I am taking to change it. Knowledge= power right? You spent years participating in the DARE program. I received the knowledge that you had and I am forever grateful for you and the part you played in my life. I had a drug addicted/drug dealing mother at home and I had a passionate police officer at school. Your influence is what made the difference. Thank you!"

    How did your family get here? What did they go through? The United States did not start from Sea to shining Sea. You should read to find out how we got from Sea to shining Sea. You should read why the Pilgrims came here in the first place.
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