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    Posted February 5, 2014 by
    St. Paul, Minnesota
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    Wintry weather 2014

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    Chilly Cloudy Sunset in St. Paul, Minnesota!


    Greetings Everyone,


    Thank you for taking the time out to watch the Powerful images of the Glorious Sunset when I was coming home from a errand. The temperature was blow zero and my hands were starting to freeze. I had to rush to the van rapidly, because when my hand freezes it hurts really ,bad. I have a bad habit of not wearing gloves during the extreme weather in Minnesota.


    When it is cloudy and cold out here in Minnesota I usually do not see the sunset. It was such a Blessing for me to capture this moment, and is very excited to share it with everyone.


    Always remember that Our Father God Loves all of us so much no matter what circumstances or condition we are in. It is temporary, because Our Father will not put a burden on us that we can not handle and is with us no matter where we go in this life.


    This is the day the LORD has made. Let's rejoice and be glad today! Father God Almighty wants us to be happy, and not allow the devil to make our day miserable through other human beings that surrounds you. "Hate what is Evil Satan and his Demons, and Cling onto what is Good Our Father God Almighty."

    I want the best for all humankind. No matter who you are or where you came from we only have The Father God Almighty over all of us and, Jesus and All of the Saints Apostles, The Righteousness by our side. God will sort out the differences between all of us.We as humans have to love one another and be and do good to each other.


    We just have to keep praying for the best for each other. Everything that we do is being recorded by our Guardian Angels that is assigned to us from the Father God Almighty, and I will be the 1st to say I Love Serving God Almighty, Dios (Spanish), Yahweh (Hebrew), Dieou (French), Dio (Italian), Allah (Arabic), Oх боже (Russian), Oriki (Yoruba Nigerian Language), and the rest of the beautiful spoken languages around the world. He is One True God Almighty.


    God wants all of us to accept and pray to him everyday of our lives. From my personal experience being held in Our Father God's Hands was the Best Love I had ever experience, He is so beautiful with a Gorgeous Face of the Atmosphere that we all breathe with a whiter than white robe on with Sparkling Diamonds and Jewels Glowing around Him. God is so real! I did not want to ever let him go, but I am commanded to spread the words of the Father God Almighty of Heaven and Earth to all humankind.


    I saw Satan and when I was in error once upon a time in my life, and he is very ugly mean face of a bull with horns with a very tall muscular figure with goat feet long black fingernails very evil deceitful one.


    We can not fight with something that we can not see when things are bothersome. This is the work of the devil and the only way to defeat Satan is by the word of God. So many souls are so fragile these days and I coming forward to deliver words of encouragement to offer hope. I too experience many things in my life, and do not mind offering words of inspirations to others when the devil is getting the best of them.


    Father God and His Angels are with us. I pray for all of us each day, and wish the best for everyone to stay strong while we are living in this life. do not allow Satan steal your faith of God that is living inside of you.


    Father God Loves All of Us so Much, and Satan hates us so Much. Satan is behind all of the tragedies that we see on the news. God wants the best for us.


    Best wishes to you all in your daily lives. God Bless Everyone that take their time out to read the messages that I included with the Beautiful Powerful Moments I capture with my camera. All of the Creation of God is Glorious and Beautiful including us humans.


    Carla O.
    Servant & Believer of Our Precious Father God Almighty.

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