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    Posted February 5, 2014 by
    Rhode Island

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    Why a Declining Stock Market Will Mean a Better Economy

    Over the past several years, stocks have continued their upward trend while the U.S. economy has not produced nearly enough jobs to keep up. I have read many articles by stock market bears claiming that the recovery is phony and the bubble is going to burst in 2014. They may be right about a stock market bubble, but what these authors fail to realize is that there are industries right now that are experiencing huge growth surges and creating enormous amounts of wealth and jobs. Three new growth industries I want to focus in on are renewable energy, 3D printing, and the organic food/gardening movement. Once these movements fully take hold in the U.S., better days will have arrived.

    If stock market rallies typically precede economic recoveries, then we are due for a better economy soon, right? I believe the real economy will get stronger in 2014 and 2015 and the stock market will under perform. Speculators will begin to take money off the table as 2014 rolls on and a large sell off will occur later in 2014. Mom and pop investors as well as financial advisers will be thrown off by this, but it will only mean that shareholders are taking capital out of the financial markets and investing it in the best and brightest local entrepreneurs.

    For example, public food/farmer’s markets are popping up all over the country, underscoring the demand for organic food and products by the general population. Large chemical companies such as Monsanto and DuPont are scrambling to save face in the wake of the public outcry against genetically modified foods. In order for the organic movement to be successful, more and more Americans must be willing to boycott GMO foods and push for the expansion of locally grown organic food. Not only will this trend drastically improve the health and well being of Americans, but it will also circulate more money into local communities, creating more jobs and economic development.

    Solar energy has also been surging throughout the United States, thanks to solar leasing companies such as Sungevity and SunRun. They are making solar affordable by allowing customers to pay no upfront costs, maintenance, or installation fees but only a monthly bill that is much lower than their current electric bill. As solar consumption and other forms of renewable energy proliferate, fossil fuels will be left for dead, and citizens will be able to save money while watching our planet heal itself from the sins of the past.

    3D printers are allowing manufacturers to drastically reduce prototyping and production costs and entrepreneurs are using them to create innovate new products customized to personal preferences. 3D printers will eventually allow people to create their own goods from home, virtually eliminating the need to buy products from big box retailers and hardware stores. So the next time you hear about a stock market drop, remember that altruistic entrepreneurs throughout the country are taking steps to improve our lives by cultivating these above-mentioned industries. A Wall Street collapse may be just what the doctor ordered.
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