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    Posted February 6, 2014 by
    Brampton, Ontario

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    Pakistan & the (so called) Peace talks.

    A long-awaited first round of peace talks between the Pakistani government and Taliban has begun in Islamabad after numerous delays and growing doubt over the chance of their success, sources said. The two sides met on Thursday for a preliminary meeting likely to chart a "road map" for future discussions, amid deep scepticism over whether dialogue can yield a lasting peace deal.
    Underlining the fragile security situation, a suicide bomber on Tuesday killed eight people in a sectarian attack against minority Shiite Muslims in the northwestern city of Peshawar, just hours after the abortive start to the talks. The main TTP spokesman denied they were behind the blast but a commander for the group in Peshawar told AFP his men were responsible, saying no ceasefire had been announced – Al Jazeera.
    No one can really foresee which way these talks will go, but my inner feeling is this might land present day Pakistan into more confusions. As whenever any issue has been tackled by Pakistan’s so called Governments (elected or nonelected) things have landed and stayed in a confused state for years to come and at time with no end in sight. Examples are the East Pakistan (now Bangladesh issue and the Afghan Refugee issue). I worry and pity towards the welfare of a common person in Pakistan, but the leaders are busy getting richer and more and more corrupt again with humility I say that all is easily done in the name of religion and here the name is Islam. Till the time Pakistan decides whether it is an Islamic state or a secular state. The name of present day Pakistan is “Islamic republic of Pakistan” and so are the claims but Islamic thought process is hardly evident anywhere when it comes to Pakistan’s elite and (often) the middle class as they proudly display what they follow in their day to day lives and i.e. western and often Indian (Hindu) way of life(which they also claim they dislike rather hate). This has created a huge gap between the working class and the middle class and of course the so called elite over the years.
    In today’s Pakistan and for that matter anywhere in the world what is preached and is not practiced usually makes things from bad to worse. And my country of birth i.e. Pakistan is a prime example. My heart goes out to all the hardworking, honest people of Pakistan who sleep every night hoping and praying for a better, honest, peaceful Pakistan and I assure you all that so do I - Amen.
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