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    Posted February 6, 2014 by
    Houston, Texas

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    Hello DAD, Yes The One and only heavenly Father of your chosen Spiritual and loving people the living stones,

    DAD Help us never to be part of any division within the body of Christ in Your Kingdom of love, unity and oneness. Let us be perfectly united in mind and heart with all who follow you in Freedom and without walls. Help us not be unwise and unlearned people that preachers just use to live off of us for their own good and purposes. Yes God, Keep us from misplacing our loyalties is weak men and or women, that we should and must keep our trust, faith, hope and love in You Jesus!

    Christ, of whom we are part of Jesus and He lives in us, Yes we will Never be divided in the Church and Kingdom Jesus built Himself. He our Savior and soon coming King calls for One mind, One spirit, One Hope, One faith, One body, One soul, One heart, One Way, One Baptism. So let us and all his people be together and in agreement. Let us be like-minded, having the same love, one in spirit and purpose in Christ the Lord our God and Savior.

    DAD Help us do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility help us count each other better than ourselves. Let us look out for the interests of each other, not just our own. Yes, Yes, Yes our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ,

    You DAD have invested the inferior parts of the body with greater honor. You DAD have given the weak parts of the body indispensable roles. You DAD have given some who are un presentable a greater modesty.

    DAD Your ordering of Your believers in the body of Christ is altogether wonderful.DAD You have called All of us to be humble, loving, caring. You DAD want us to prefer one another in honor and to count others better than ourselves.DAD Help us to be this way in relating to other Kingdom Spiritual family members.

    DAD Thank You for making us members of Christ's body, thus guaranteeing that we will live forever in Him Jesus.

    O heavenly DAD, let Your life Yes You goodness and Everlasting love be lived fully in our lives as Your chosen people.Yes DAD Fill us with more of Jesus Christ presence , power and Spirit.

    In The Blessed Holy Name of Jesus, the Head of the body His living and loving Kingdom Church, We ask and thank You DAD. Amen.

    Shared by your loving and faithful Church and Nations Apostle James Winfree Sr, And Yes, Yes, Yes I Love You!!!
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