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    Posted February 7, 2014 by
    Port Townsend, Washington

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    Blogger Crystal Cox Ninth Circuit Motion to Rehear; Eugene Volokh, Marc Randazza


    Crystal Cox on Marc Randazza's Ninth Circuit Rant and What Drives Marc Randazza


    Randazza Legal Group attorney Marc Randazza continues to Cry Extortion Allegations against his former client Crystal Cox, in improper venues.


    Marc Randazza has filed an Amicus Brief lying to the courts once again about Crystal Cox. He abuses his power as an attorney to bully, harass, defame and distort litigants he targets. The purpose seems to be to steal domain names, suppress speech, force settlements, silence and intimidate whistleblowers, scare people into doing what he says, and force pay for his law firm even when they act as if they are Pro Bono.


    Marc Randazza claims over and over that Crystal Cox has had due process and adjudication for extortion. Yet Crystal Cox has never had any kind of due process for extortion allegations. Crystal Cox has her former attorney Marc Randazza of Marc Randazza legal group state over and over that “COX IS AN EXTORTIONIST”. And because of his power and influence over big media and the courts, he is believed for some reason. And the rights of those he targets, simply seem to not exist.


    Marc Randazza is desperate for Judges to simply state that Cox is an Extortionist, and to not give Cox due process for this alleged crime. See, it is best for Marc Randazza if the Judge just state that Crystal Cox is an Extortionist, then his legal blogger friends, and big media buddies, oh and his WIPO buddy Peter L. Michaelson can use those “statements” not based in facts of a criminal investigation but simply Marc Randazza painting the picture of Extortion, as some sort of “factual evidence” against Cox so that Marc Randazza can continue to bully, harass, attack and defame Cox through is abuse of the court system and his media connections.


    See Marc Randazza wants Ninth Circuit Judges job to be to accuse people of crimes in civil rulings, when those litigants have had no criminal charges, and no due process in the criminal justice system.


    Marc Randazza continues to claim he was extorted after an eMail I sent him asking if he knew anyone needing marketing. So this was in December of 2011. Why not file criminal charges immediately against Crystal Cox and get those adjudicated, due process charges as a matter of law? See if Randazza would have filed criminal charges, he would then have that investigation to include in his Ninth Circuit Rant. Oh, but the only problem is there is no evidence or proof of “Cox is an Extortionist” other than the rant of Marc Randazza and his big media friends and legal blogger buddies. Oh and the eMail in which Kevin Padrick told Forbes and the New York Times that Cox had used to Extort him, after he got a $2.5 Million Judgement. The truth, of course being, that Cox’s email was taken out of context, was one of 5 emails and was a settlement offer between attorneys, as Cox was Pro Se, and trying to stop legal action against her. The email had nothing to do with the complaint that was filed BEFORE that time, as the record of LAW, clearly shows. Crystal had been sent a legal threat on December 22th 2010, the Blog Post she was on trial for was posted Dec. 25th 2010 and she was sued January 14th 2011. The email “they” claim to be extortion was a reply eMail in response to a legat threat and a 10 million dollar lawsuit filed.


    David Aman, Tonkon Torp Lawyer took one email out of context and gave it to the Seattle Weekly, claiming extortion. Kevin Padrick gave it to David Carr of the New York Times and Kashmir Hill of Forbes and I was not on trial for extortion. It had no material fact in any way, so how can Marc Randazza think it is ok, as a matter of law, for there to be a Ninth Circuit Ruling on Cox being an Extortionist, or posting about corruption to seek a pay off, when that is not what this case is about.


    If Lawyer Marc Randazza feels Cox is a Criminal and his buddies Judge Gloria Navarro, and attorney Peter L. Michaelson, WIPO panelist feel Crystal Cox is a criminal then do they not have a duty to report me to the property authorities, and protect the public at large? Or is it simply a matter of law and constitutional rights to just state Cox is an Extortionist in a Judicial Ruling? And to wave the proof as the Plaintiff words in the case, words to WIPO and his words to big media, all painted out to slander, defame and paint his target, the defendant in false light.


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