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    Posted February 6, 2014 by
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    Winter Olympics 2014

    Dear Mr President

    Dear Mr. President,

    The next two weeks you are in the honorable position that only few will ever be, to make a difference.

    Many words have been spoken, only little action has been taken. People from all over the world stand up and stand proud to speak for those from who you have taken the right to speak. What is one man’s right to decide for another how he or she can feel? I ask you this in all humbleness, as who am I to stand up against a man as powerful as you. Laws and decisions are often not made to benefit the few but the majority. But what if this majority is a group of men or women who do not know better than to think what they have been told. Hate against a certain group of people is often not a choice but a believe. This simple but effective knowledge has caused more misery than joy. The videos of people who are being humiliated within the borders of your nation are nothing less then a black page in men kinds history and I sincerely wonder how that makes you feel.

    With you many other world leaders are in a similar position. Even the president of the United States of America, who call themselves the Free Nation, is the leader of a country that has laws that allow one man to be different from another and for what reason? His non traditional citizens might not be abused physically in public but these laws cause them to be caught in their own minds and to me that is just as much a crime to mankind as what the USA are accusing you of.
    Throughout history minorities have been prosecuted for the simple fact that they are non traditional. Their race, religion, sexuality and many other reasons have caused men and women pain beyond my imagination. I consider myself lucky to have been born in an era and within the borders of a nation that has learned from its past, The Netherlands. Not the worlds most perfect nation and we too have our share in the black pages of history. Our mistakes however makes us believe that we should never give up the fight for the right that all men are equal, not only in written word but in our daily lives.

    Unfortunately the groups of people that history has marked as non traditional discriminate and still do within their own group. It makes me realize that we all seem to have in common that we have the need to be different. A few examples of brave men and women in history have shown and thought us that this knowledge can be used for the better instead of the worse.

    The next two weeks the whole world will be looking at you and your nation as you will be the host of an institute that was founded to bring brotherhood and peace among mankind, the Olympic Games. This institute was created to set an example that all men are equal, not just two weeks every two years but at all times. Who am I to ask to you to be an example for mankind? No more or less than the child of parents that have thought me that no matter how different you are, if you do no harm to others with your behavior you should be able to be who you were made to be.
    Mr. President you have the opportunity to make a difference and show the world and all other leaders that no matter what power you have, you should never use or abuse it to try to make people think and feel the same. Many people have tried to accomplish this in many harmful ways but no leader has succeeded and nobody every will as we are all equal but we will never be the same.

    As an image can say more than a thousand words I have taken pictures of Olympic cities and a few examples of the diversity of mankind or the misery it has caused. I hope they will inspire you to make the best out of the opportunity you have been given, as you are blessed to be in this position.

    Let the Games begin Mr. President, so you can bring home a gold medal that will give you eternal glory or a mark in history that will bring no honor.

    Best regards,

    Frank Otten
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