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    Posted February 7, 2014 by
    Wilmington, Delaware

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    J. Holiday Is Back But With A Guilty Conscience

    I have always been a fan since he came out with his song Bed. I thought this voice was fresh, and had it’s own unique style. When his first CD came out I made sure that I had my copy and I played it so much that it skipped. His music was blasted throughout every car in my hometown. Now he’s back with a new album, style, and I’m just as excited as ever. J. Holiday is one of my favorite artists. I was able to get the exclusive about his new album Guilty Conscience.

    When talking to J. Holiday he was humble and answered my questions honestly. I had to know where he has been the last couple of years because music wise his fans haven’t heard much from him. “ I went through a few things dealing with the industry and debating if I’d keep at it or not. My song “ Bed” did really well and it was able to sustain me. But, lately I’ve been touring and making new music”, J. Holiday says. Being an R&B artist, he’s gotten a chance to travel the world and perform.

    J. Holiday’s new album Guilty Conscience that was released independently. He’s been promoting it a lot and it’s been going very well. “ I had no idea that the people missed me as they did. Right now I feel that if I get a major deal that’s fine but right now independent is the way for me with this album,” J. Holiday responds. “ Being independent for me, you know I’ve had the success of a major label. It’s great, but it’s great when you’re on top. I get a chance to keep my music the way that I want to have it,” he says. I haven’t gotten a chance to purchase Guilty Conscience yet, but my friends have been raving about it. I’m so excited about it that I will be picking it up. I told J. that I was glad that he was back with new music. Now that his album is out he’s putting out a House of Blues tour. Fans stay tuned I will keep you updated with tour dates and more.

    Before being an artist J. Holiday was a songwriter first before being an artist. “ For this new album I was able to write a couple songs. Some songwriters put too much out there and I wanted to bring something clever,” J. says. His favorite song on his new album is called, “ Where Are You Now.” It’s a song where he’s having a conversation with love itself. I can’t wait to hear it! In this album J. Holiday talks about his mistakes and ups and downs and has bought a more mature aspect to this album. I know that the fans were upset because I was as well; J. Holiday has cut his hair! As a fan myself, I thought the look was him. “ I had to do a new look I couldn’t rock my cornrows forever, “ he says while laughing.

    In the industry J. states he’d like to work with R. Kelly, Rodney Jenkins again and many more. J. Holiday says,“ I’d like to work with different producers more than anything.” We know J. Holiday the music artist but he has never met J. Holiday the actor. He was able to play in a feature film that went to DVD and he worked with Elise Neal and Erica Hubbard. “ I loved doing the film but acting isn’t my passion”, J. says.

    Coming up J. Holiday will be performing in Kuwait for Valentine’s Day and shortly after he will be on Arsenio Hall. When he mentioned Arsenio we both got so excitd because we are big fans of his work and show. J. Holidays says, “ Of course, it’s funny it’s shows that are no longer on and I won’t be able to go on any but now that Arsenio Hall is back on I’m very excited to be going on his show.” I can’t for win the show airs because I will be watching! It’s nice to be able to talk to an artist who is humble and can actually laugh with you in conversation. My interview experience with J. Holiday was so inspiring and impactful. The good that he does outside of music like speaking to children who are interested in the music industry to performing to troops over seas says a lot about his personality and character. His doesn’t have an ego or is trying to be better than other artists, he’s just a man making good music for everyone to enjoy. With the music industry changing and going into different directions, J. Holiday still does his music, his way.

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